How do you help 19,000 churches get ready for Easter? For the church media company Sharefaith, the answer is easy — give them complete ministry solutions including the best media available. For the past eight years, Sharefaith has been a frontrunner in helping churches steward technology to spread the gospel. This year, their impact continues with the world’s largest collection of Easter media for churches, and a price-slashing deal that unleashes the power of Sharefaith to more churches than ever before. This Easter, thousands of churches around the globe can thank Sharefaith for ministry solutions that will maximize their impact.

Easter: The Most Important Worship Service of the Year
Easter is the single most important worship service of the year. Not only is Easter Sunday a celebration of the pivotal event of the Christian calendar, but it is also the day on which more people attend church services. Many people will only attend a church service on one occasion each year — Easter Sunday. It is extremely important that churches prepare to make a maximum impact on this significant day. Lack of planning, shoddy preparation, and cheap shortcuts are easily spotted. Of all the days of the year, Easter is definitely worth spending more time, money, and effort.

How to Prepare the Best Easter Service
But what goes into creating a top-notch Easter service? What elements should be present in order to effectively communicate the truth to many visitors?

  1. Announce the Easter service. The most important part of preparing for an Easter service is making sure people know about it. Update the church website to spread the news. Print out flyers and invitations. This is an event churches want to broadcast as widely as possible.
  2. Get members involved. Worship is not a spectator sport. Make it a point to involve people in the service itself. One great way to help get people involved is to encourage them to invite others.
  3. Make the theme obvious. Easter is about one main thing:  the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Make this theme an explicit part of the Easter service. Just as important as the overarching theme is the visual theme. Make sure that all media and graphics are tied together. For example, the welcome video should match the worship slides, which should match the worship bulletin cover.
  4. Media is crucial. Media is the communication language of our age. Without great media, churches neglect a crucial component of communicating to this generation. Churches should do what it takes to obtain high-quality church media as they proclaim the good news of the resurrection. Sermon videos, worship loops, and welcome videos are just some of the ways in which churches can use electronic media in their Easter services.
  5. Visual sermons. It’s easy for a listener to lose attention or interest in a spoken sermon. In addition to the preaching, use PowerPoint slides and other visuals to communicate the truth.

Sharefaith:  A Single Solution
Sharefaith is designed to help churches accomplish each one of these important objectives. The entire organization is built around helping the church to better proclaim her message. All of Sharefaith’s products, offered at one low membership cost, give churches a money-saving, time-saving, message-enhancing power.

  • Church websites (hosting only $14.99/m)
  • PowerPoints
  • Sermon Videos
  • Worship loops
  • Countdown timers
  • Worship backgrounds
  • Church bulletins
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Clipart
  • Worship software

This Easter, a Sharefaith membership is a better deal than ever before. The growing Easter collection provides a vast library of powerful media. The company now offers websites and worship software. A free trial is available. And most importantly, the membership cost is a massive 20% off until Easter (only $119.20).

There is no better time to purchase or renew a Sharefaith membership. For the best Easter service possible, it’s worth it!
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