Hey guys what’s good in the hood?! Lol! As for me, I’m doing alright actually, keeping God in my mind and making sure what I do and even think, is of Him. I have also been dwelling on the fact that what we do should come from the heart…we should have compassion for things and not just do it ‘religiously’…especially God’s work. So we should be in the right mindset at all times.

Anyways, I just want to share something with you guys. I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine and he asked me ‘isn’t it hard’? My friend was talking about not having sex. This was asked in the middle of our conversation as we were talking about a similar topic. At first I wanted to spill out the usual ‘It’s not easy man!’, but I thought about it and asked myself if it is really the case?

I thought about it, and I said to my friend ‘it depends’. At this, my friend was kind of confused lol, and asked what I meant. I then explained myself that basically, there are times when I am so high in the Spirit that things ungodly like premarital sex (yes), etc, don’t even come to mind. If the devil tries to put them in my mind, it’s so easy to rebuke it and it actually flees away from me (Amen). Then there are times when I’m not so high in the Spirit…..This is as a result of probably not praying as I should, reading the Word (you can read the Word but your heart may not be in it by the way), and worshipping Him. I guess this is why God emphasises on worshipping Him, renewing your mind, studying the Word, and so on. These are ways you can get prepared for anything because your mind would be more or less refreshed and ready t trust the Lord in everything.
So I consider the days where I’m not high in the Spirit as ‘down days’, and I try to avoid them. I have even come to a point in my life where I feel weird if I haven’t prayed or something which I thank God for. There are times I know that I should pick up my bible and read, because I can feel that ‘weirdness’. But the CRAZY thing about this is that we have free will! Even if I feel the ‘weirdness’ I can still NOT read my bible. May the Lord help us!

We should be spiritually minded in a sense because there are a lot of things out there….a lot of girls! I thank God for salvation because now it’s so easy to have sex with a girl….even a random girl. I’m grateful because, not to boast of a sinful nature, but if I wasn’t saved, boi o boi…let’s just say we all know our limits. I recall one time I was at a friend’s birthday celebration and there was a girl dancing for me right in front of me, I mean….c’mon now! I have friends that can abuse me for rejecting the girl, but thank God I am bold to proclaim Christ, can I get an Amen?!

So lastly, it shouldn’t be all about trying t resist temptation…we should hate sin. Renew our minds to hate sin, so rebuking temptations/sin becomes easier. Hate ungodly ways and let it come from the heart so that you may not fall, but in all things we still need the strength and grace of the Lord.

And concerning sex and not having it till your married….God is not evil! He has said that for our own good and that’s partly the case for other things He has said too. I understand the part of it not being easy, but trust Him in everything!

This article was written by Rotimi Ariwoola. He is in the Editorial team of Yada.


  1. Just read this n i like it coz its sooo true…lets pray we always rely on God’s strength for stuff lyk this coz it really takes his help.

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