I’ve discovered that it’s becoming more difficult for most ladies (and by that I mean ladies like me) to go anywhere without the eight wonder: a massive handbag. At first I thought, ‘no one needs to carry so much around!’ but after a while I caught myself carrying more and more things out of the house; a novel, a journal, a bible, my phones, a musical device, wallet (which is in reality a mini purse), makeup purse, hair accessories, an umbrella (it might rain or the SPF lotion might fail), pens, pencils, and a back-up journal, for a 30 minute drive to place I’m probably going to spend less than 30 min!

I wasn’t always like this; I used to be so simple! Those days when I loved nothing more than to play soccer with my brothers ( that was until one of them struck the ball right into my face!!!) not care about how I looked much less about what or who I was wearing. But then things changed when I went to a different city, everything was different, everyone was sooo…..pretty!! Stunning beautiful amazing and I wondered how they do it. And then I was introduced to the wonderful world of makeup not just what’s on d face, but the entirety of it! It was amazing to find out I could walk into a place as me and come out as a whole different person with a new face, hair eyelash and even new eye colour! I could transform into anything I wanted! I could do short hair today, long hair in a few weeks (I also learned that good things don’t come cheap) then the clothes! Who knew there were so many designers out there the names of some I still cannot pronounce but their designs make me look fabulous so who cares?

So 3yrs later, gone are the “footballing” days, I’ve traded in my boots for stilettos, my tracks for a fashionable pair of jeans, my tousled nappy mane for someone else’s silky smooth hair and my whole face is covered in layers of concealers and foundation: a whole new me has emerged. More sophisticated, more confident and definitely more complimented. Life is great. So am at home one night and I need to get credit from the Mallam across the street, I whip out my make up purse and as I smear my pressed powder over my face I remember those days I used to step out of the house with no makeup and I realize I might have gone a little bit overboard. I see now how this makeup has now come to define me, I can’t seem to go anywhere without it, because in it I am more confident it’s almost like I’m someone else now it’s hard to talk to guy without thinking gosh I hope my lip gloss isn’t flaking or bleeding…

In an effort to find myself, I realise I might have lost myself. So now I’m retracing my steps, rediscovering what true beauty is all about. I know how mad I’ll be if someone gave me a beautifully wrapped empty box on my birthday! Content is more important than the facade that we try to put up with all them products

So does this mean no heels and I’m back to the footballing days? Of course not! I still wear makeup and I still like me some brands but I try to balance it all by not forgetting my tom boy roots and also remembering that my beauty is not based on how I look on the outside but how I shine from the inside besides I would prefer it if someone said after speaking with me “You are a whole lot more than I thought” than to say “a pretty face with no rectitude”


  1. Well said dear! True beauty flows from within… Ur character n virtues… But then, I still love my marykay foundation, sleek pallete n black up lipgloss…. Lol!

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