I have just about had it with all the judgmental and critical folk in the world (especially me!) every single thing seems to be under scrutiny like God made you and commissioned you to be the accuser of the brethren (still talking about me…) we all strive towards perfection we are all trying to remain good and kill the flesh daily, so it might take a while.

You go around feeling superior because You know the Lord and someone else doesn’t; You tut-tut and go ‘you need Jesus’ (you know what I mean…) when you see a single 16 year old mother or a man that’s been married six times or a drug peddler that has raped his best friend’s sister or killed someone. You don’t hesitate to point out how many of Gods commandments their breaking, how they are making wrong choices, how they could have done things better, how they are such sinners! And yet you forget that you were once like that; that Christ had to first find you.

It’s so easy to feel self righteous because of God’s grace to feel better than them when you are the one giving them help, the much needed word of God. One thing I learnt in this year’s YWAP booth camp is that God does not love me better because I’m a Christian. He doesn’t love me more than he loves the worst sinner (if such a thing exists) in the world.

Heaven is in an uproar over one soul that joins the family that shows how important a lost soul is; the cause is more important than you. It’s not because of how good you are or how well you structure your arguments and make it as logical as possible to ensure that they come to Christ but how available are you for God to use and your attitude when he uses you. Do you realise that conviction is the Holy Spirit’s job and not yours? Yours is to ‘say it how it is’ and leave the rest to him. Every one of us has something that we’re dealing with, it might be something I have already overcome but it doesn’t make you stupid or less Christian just because you are still working on that area. We all have little foxes that we’re trying to squash little vices we deal with everyday so who are you to condemn someone else’s servants?

Just writing this is therapeutic to me, (using you to solve my issues might be good idea …) I say these words more to myself than to anyone else but feel free to be blessed by it. Consequently, the next time I walk down the street, and see two teenagers ‘forming’ love but actually practicing lust, I will not turn my nose up at them and walk away but by God’s grace, will let my heart be moved, let it burn with compassion, help them to truly see and to truly understand without pride or a feeling of superiority. That’s my new resolution; I can only hope that you are with me in this….




  1. So true Iso. We are all too quick to judge sumtyms because it makes us feel less guilty about the little demons we carry or because we actually feel we’re better. Wateva the reason it is always refreshing to hear someone douse us to cool our hot air n bring us back to reality…God’s reality.

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