5 Years already! Who would have thought?

I remember clearly how it all began. It was 2009 and blogging was practically my life. I had been blogging on The Talkaholic since 2007 and it was an awesome experience. I had made some amazing friends who not only shared my views on life and popular culture but people that shared my faith. I realized we need a platform to express ourselves and so I got to work. I got on my laptop, got on corel draw and started compiling articles from different bloggers. I had articles from Seye, Jaycee, Ayo and a lot more bloggers who I can’t even remember and designed the very first issue of Yada Magazine with Soul Quest on the cover.

As soon as it was released everyone went crazy over it. Looking back I still don’t get why everyone loved it so much. It was so mediocre in design but thankfully it was rich in content. The pdf online magazine started something that I must say is bigger than myself. Now we are 5 and still at it.

We have had lots of memorable posts on Yada, from Yada Contributor, Chiago Anago’s wanting to be a billionaire to our interview with Adam Young or my article on my personal reflections on the Body of Christ. Still, we are pressured to do more, be more and be innovative with our brand. We promise to strive for excellence and always deliver the best.

Yada is 5 and we are excited but there is so much more to see!!!

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