I have never met a male virgin and i have never heard of a male virgin making a pronouncement of being one. Most African males and i think males in general have this egoistical attitude of talking about being the best of the best in the bedroom or sexually, either buying poppers US or … hiding it. I have met men who think that female virgins are like a taboo in today’s world and i am not surprised because everything you see in a day has to have some sexual appeal at one point in time or another be it a music video with those voluptous girls shaking what their mama gave them or a soap opera or movie with some rather passionate sexual scenes and what of the plethora of pornography on the internet. It’s all out there. Sex is a revolution, Sex Toys sales are on the rise. Female virgins these days could be no more than six or seven years old. Contraceptions have been put forward to even promote premarital sex. Sex is on sale, sold by prostitutes. No not anymore, it’s free. Why buy the cow when you can get it free.

I came across this marvellously talented dude’s website. His name is Ekene Agabu and he believes sex is R. R could be rated, rampant, rude, but sex is a responsibility. I thought i had digested a great sex book when Juanita Bynum pulled out “No More Sheets” in 1998. That was a book i didn’t put down until i finished it and it is the kind of book i don’t lend to friends, i could get them their own copy but browsing through Ekene’s website i realised that some men still have values and i think it is “Sexy”. You need to read his definitions of “sexy” they are very “sexy.”

I realise now that there is no such thing as sacred sex anymore. Sex is a topic everywhere, in music, in the classroom, with the girls at lunch, in the nail shop; the guys having some beer talk about sex. Its not bad to talk about it but now its been degraded, its now like the sex between animals,its just mating. There is no love, it’s just crude and raw so now i believe there is a difference between sex and lovemaking in terms of the definition.

When God put the first sexual partners in the Garden of Eden, it was for a reason, Adam, Eve shared their love in form of sex, which brought about children, and it was only between them, no one could cross those boundaries to come between them. In the 21st century, cohabitation without commitment has made sex look like a one-dollar bill, it is cheap sex. Most girls with low self-esteem give men sex in order to keep them, you need to keep your goods for someone who is worthy. I mean after reading Ekene’s page i was impressed, i had an entirely different view on men, i think i will go about this sex thing in parts.

He said “Why Lose it when you can give it”

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A man finally said it, not a woman, a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You do not have to lose your virginity to someone just because…, you have to give it because you love that person and there is a commitment, which brings me to one of Ekene’s thoughts. “Has the person you are sleping with earned the right to have you?

BY HONEY (RoseofSharonOs)




  1. Article aint so hot.I would b more impressed if d guy that wants to keep his virginity is not religiously inclined.Isn’t there a thin line between morals and religion??

  2. love this article to pieces…
    yall rock man….helps a bro like me who is still holding out, to have a lot more courage! thanks yall
    keep it coming

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