Artist: Rush of Fools

Album Name: We Once Were

Label: eOne Christian Music

Comments: After reaching national success with their music, including several hit songs on both the Christian and mainstream music charts, the band Rush of Fools luck took a drastic turn for the worse.

I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying, “into every life a little rain must fall,” well Rush of Fools had to deal with a deluge of rain over the last several years including problems with their record label closing that ended in a lengthy lawsuit and an accident involving their RV that had the guys hitchhiking halfway across the country to get back home.

All during this time the band kept writing new material and the result is their new release, We Once Were. While the new album could have been filled with song lyrics about bitterness and despair having had to deal with what they did, instead the songs that make up this album are filled with lyrics of hope and the restoring power of faith.

The song lyrics aren’t sugar coated either, they’re raw and not afraid to lay things out in an honest way. Band guitarist Kevin Huguley comments that, “We hope our inspiration for writing blatantly about dark times will show the beauty of the redemption story, as we believe the dark times are not by mistake.”

The band brought on board respected producers, Dennis Herring (Counting Crows, Modest Mouse and Jars of Clay) and Rusty Varenkamp (Tenth Avenue North, Aaron Shust) to help out with the project.

The style of music found on, We Once Were, is the band’s signature mix of pop and rock that manages to have a touch of a classic rock sound mixed with a modern edge that keeps it sounding fresh.

Highlight tracks include, “Civil War,” that offers up an interesting rolling marching drum part and lyrics that deal with picking select battles to fight. “Grace Found Me,” is the first single from the album and offers up a catchy pop melody. “No Other Love,” is a change of pace song that has a lighter summer hit feel to it and deals with God’s undeserved mercy and grace.

The last track I would like to talk about is, “Help Our Unbelief,” that offers up an interesting rich orchestral sound meets progressive rock style on it.

Rush of Fools may have had to go through the tough fires of life over the last few years but the result is a raw and honest album that should catapult them back to the lofty status they had attained before their recent problems.

Style: Pop/ Rock


1. We Once Were
2. Come Find Me
3. A Civil War
4. Won’t Say Goodbye
5. Grace Found Me
6. You’re the Medicine
7. End Of Me
8. No Other Love
9. Beginning To End
10. The Wrong Things
11. Help Our Unbelief
12. Inside & Outside

Favorite Songs: Civil War, Grace Found Me, No Other Love, Help Our Unbelief


Overall:  9 out of 10



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