I met Kefee about 10 years ago… we clicked immediately… she was like the sister I never had. She always wanted the best for me and encouraged me to take my singing career seriously as she believed in my potentials. She opened doors for me within and outside Nigeria for me to be heard.

We did a song together but I did not release it… she kept pushing me…  now will I release it?

I enjoyed her friendship and shared in her troubles, fears and pains as well as her triumphs and successes! She was a strong woman, a fighter, a true lover of God!

We had our quarrels and many thought I’d never talk to her again at some points. Sometimes, she naughtily tries to get me upset because she wanted to disprove what people say (that they’ve never seen me angry)


I remember once I had a concert in Port Harcourt and invited her. She called me on the day of the event to say she couldn’t make it just to see my reaction. When I did not get angry she got angry and said “You need to watch it before people take advantage of you. I’m at the hotel lobby jor. What is my room number?!”

When I visited Lagos, she offered her car for me to use when my car and other valuables were stolen, she came to my home to visit and also offered me her car to use till I got another.

I shed tears while I pray that God would still have mercy and bring her back. Let His perfect will be done!

I won’t say goodbye Kefee, I’ll say “Kefee, you live on!”

Finally, I want to use this opportunity to ask that you show your support by using her songs as your caller ringback tunes at least that way, we can give back to her and her family in this difficult time.

God bless you! #weloveyouKEFEE

– Charles Granville

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