Hey guys, I’m back with a little chat I had with the Holy Spirit when I observed a question on one of my previous posts. The question went something like, ‘But what about the creation of movie content that is directly preaching the gospel, as opposed to reviewing movies and bringing out a gospel from them?’

Well let me give you the result of the conversation we had which could help give you a mindset (funny thing about this is that the Holy Spirit paused me in the middle of writing another review to have this conversation).

Please make a mental Yes or No as you read the following questions:

  1. Are you aware there are both secular and Christian movies out there?
  2. How many Christian films have you watched compared to secular films in the last one year?
  3. Does the ratio above give you more on the secular end than the Christian?

Keep the answers to that in your mind as I continue. I would like to let you all know that I love and appreciate Christian films, love watching them, and I’m so glad some folks are able to make them successfully but I am currently not a film maker but a writer. I have a message in my write ups that as much as I know Christians will appreciate I would very much like non-Christians to digest and receive.

People today are watching more secular films than Christian films and the mainstream audience may have not seen a single Christian film hence are feeding their minds only with secular perceptions, I have been there and I see it every day.

Be honest with yourself (that’s the best gift you can give yourself), and take a quick think on the world around you. How many prominent traits and behavioural patterns are got from the entertainment world?

For example why does everyone suddenly think it’s so cool to cuss?

My reviews are there to show folks the mindset behind the review; one that is fed from the word of God and can produce such words as opposed to one that are fed from the reviews.

I want to be able to show people that this is what a mind that undergoes constant renewal sees when watching a movie another would just casually watch while subconsciously picking up habits, characteristics and mindsets that eventually influence them.

Would I also like to create content into movies, sure!

But right now, I can do my bit the way I know how to.

Image from penitents.org


  1. I was blessed by this short yet insightful post. Truely as you said, we subconsciously pick up behaviours and perceptions from all we watch. The power of the pen is second to none, nonetheless.

    1. I’m glad you were blessed. You can read up some more here, on my blog and can follow on twitter to get the updates as they roll. God bless you

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