Addison road has a new one out. It’s titled ‘Stories’. I got a copy for myself, thanks to a friend who has been encouraging me to be a better Christian over the past year who gave it to me as a gift.

Its 18:21hrs and I’ve been playing ‘This little light of mine’ all day on my stereo (it’s been on repeat). I don’t feel too good today and the funny thing is the sun didn’t even come out today. Gray skies plus a not so good feeling usually equals a dreary day. But today, against all odds, I had to look at me and say ‘Boy, it’s your decision to have a bad or a good day today’. And yes it is.

We live in a world where we have to run against the wind most of the time. Stand out, stand against the crowd and sometimes stand our grounds even when the sky is falling. Lots of stuffs come our way. Times we have to wait for our heart desires. Times things don’t go our way. Times we don’t see any reason to love one more bit cause everyone’s just for themselves. If you live on planet earth and you aren’t a robot maybe you can relate. But the funny thing is in the midst of the chaos and silly craziness, we have a choice. A choice to stay positive or be negative. To be happy nevertheless or be bitter. It’s all in our hands. To shine our lights even on days the darkness seems to be closing in on us.

We might not have a total handle on the things that come our way, but we have a handle on our response to life’s question. Today I heard a ‘Who are you’? ‘I’m a child of the King’ I replied. ‘I’ve an inheritance and access to abundant joy’. I can’t give up now; I’m on a journey to my Father’s home’. Life would always ask us who we are with various situations thrown at us. It’s our choice to make wise decisions. Deciding to stay hopeful abounding in faith (our receipt for the things we are expecting), Deciding to shine our light no matter what. Filling our lamps with the oil of hope and shining by helping someone who is on a dark road.

As a Christian, one crucial lesson I’m learning each day is that I have a responsibility. In me I carry the Spirit of God. My spirit is the candle of the lord. I have a responsibility to be a light to a dark world. My generation is in need of this light and that’s the main reason I’m here. I can’t afford to be controlled by my feelings. My stability and constancy is needed in shining my ‘little’  light. The rains and storms may come, this light still got to be shinning. And the beautiful thing is; it’s a privilege. As I sit here typing away, Addison’s road’s ‘this little light of mine’  still plays on. I’m praying. I’m praying hard. My heart is screaming silently. I don’t want to be like the other five virgins in the gospels who didn’t get oil for the night. I don’t want to be foolish. To live without hope (not expecting God to happen) is foolishness. I don’t want to. And I hope you don’t to too.

Wake up each day energized with hope. Fill up your reserve at the feet of Jesus in Prayer, Meditation and Worship. Remember to ask for avenues to be a light, to be a blessing to someone. Go out and make your world a better place. That’s what it means to be a Christian. To do good everywhere you go. We were blessed to be a blessing, remember.

And if you think you really can’t feel your face. You feel overwhelmed. Get around people who can love you with the love of God. Stay close to family and loved ones. Let them help you through your dark hour. And if you’ve got no family, find a good church and get into God’s family. Be lavished with the love of God. Surround yourself with music that would inspire your heart. Get CDs of sermons and words of encouragement. Leave some in the car. Leave some in your room. Leave some on the jogging IPod.  Leave some everywhere. Dust your bible and get into the living word. It’s a step to let your little light shine and before you know it you are helping people get out of the dark place you were. Ryan Gregg (Lead guitarist for the band Addison road) wrote this song and really I thank God for blessing the world through him with it. It’s a beautiful tune and the lyrics inspiring. You can have a sneak peak of it at Istore on ITunes. Below are the lyrics.

There’s a little flame inside a soul

Some shine bright

Some shine small

The rains will come

And the waters rise

But don’t you ever lose your light

In this life you will know

Love and pain

Joy and sorrow

So when it hurts

When times get hard

Don’t forget who’s child you are

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

I’m Gonna let it shine

Gonna let it shine

May you live each day

With no regret

Make the most of every chance you get

And your eyes get wide

When you look at the stars

With the same sense of wonder as a child’s heart

With the ones you love

Treasure the time

And for those who are gone

Keep the memories alive

Hold on to your dreams

Don’t ever let go

There’s a fire inside you

Burning with hope

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

Gonna let it shine

There will be days when you wanna give up

When clouds settle in

But after the rain comes the sun

Don’t you ever forget

Don’t forget

Don’t, don’t forget

One day there will be no more pain

And we will finally see Jesus’ face

So until then I’m gonna try

To brave the dark

And let my little light shine

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

Gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

I’m gonna let it shine

Gonna let it shine

Oh, shine

Gonna let it shine

There’s a little light inside us all

Remember the world waits in darkness for your light. Till next time, don’t forget who and whose you are. And keep the lamp burning and the little light shining.

By Ayomide Akinkugbe

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