AUTHOR – Ravi Zacharias
TITLE – Jesus Among Other Gods
PUBLISHER: Thomas Nelson
PAGES: 240

Have you ever wondered ‘why Jesus?’. In a world of so many religions and cultures, the Christian faith affirms that Jesus is the only way to God the Father. In ‘Jesus Among Other Gods’, Author Ravi Zacharias outlines with the unique answers Jesus gave to pertinent questions of the human heart asked him while He walked the earth.
The beauty of this work isn’t just in it’s apologetic style but in it’s also inspirational  and devotional path. It is written in such a way that a person who is okay with the Christian faith would pick it up and also have a refreshing time.
Ravi’s writing style though unique in it’s own way is reminiscent of the styles of the likes of C.S. Lewis and Max Lucado starting every chapter with a story that would captivate the readers heart.
Not just for those who rethinking the Christian faith but also for those wanting a fresh dive in, ‘ Jesus Among Other Gods’ is your next stop.

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