In our Kiss and Tell series, Bola was dating Fola who was an atheist. Her brother Bolu did not like the idea of them being together. His reason was that the Bible says “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers”. Bola loved Fola and according to here they seem to have had a connection. What do you think? Would you date someone who is an atheist and doesn’t share your beliefs?

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  1. the question is- is Bola a born again Christian? if she isnt then sure why not if she is…then she should know the answer.

    Not sure what “the” connection is. light cannot have anything to do with darkness

  2. nah i wont, if i cant chance her there is all possibility that she is gonna change me so is better to just start as friends pray to God to change her conviction but the truth is, it is good to her from God before you dab into any serious relationship with anyone because being in the wrong relationship can lead to marriage which is a life imprisonment with hard labor.

  3. Errm…this isn’t something I would even consider not to talk of letting it happen. Personally, I feel an atheist is much more distant to me than someone in another religion would ever be (not that I would date a non-Christian though). So, NO! I can’t.

  4. A part of me wants to say NO, and a part of me wants to say YES! I definitely “know” the answer, which is NO…but will I personally? I’d say it’s possible that I can! The consequences come with it though, but it’s to be expected.

  5. Hell nooooooooo! We can be friends but not DATING!
    By the way, i don’t see dating as just for the fun of
    it. Its more or less like courtship. Our aim in dating
    should be to work towards marriage and see how
    possible it is for the 2 partners. This can never be
    possible while dating an atheist cos personally, i can’t marry an atheist.

  6. I know this question has been ask to Christians. But, I am a atheist and dated Christians. I think it all depends on the individual. I think that if you love someone then you can be able to respect each other beliefs or lack of beliefs. It is almost like can a republican date a democrat.

  7. its simple as that , we can be friends but can never date how does it work? except theres no purpose to it.

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