Writeway-Music announce the release of ‘The Life Of Presha,’ the latest single from prolific rapper and writer Robert ‘Presha J’ Awuku’ out now on iTunes.

‘The Life Of Presha’ focuses on the various trials Presha J has gone through during his experiences of life and how he has overcome them. Taking inspiration from old lyrics and new slogans, Presha J has created a song showing his development not only as an artist but also a person.

Produced by MOBO Award winning artist and producer Victizzle, ‘The Life Of Presha’ combines Urban rhythms, pulsating, energetic melodies and Presha J’s inventive, bold and captivating rapping style.

“I really just want to let listeners know about my journey as a Christian,”says Presha J.

“Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean that as soon as you’re in, everything will then be ok.  There’s a process we go through to come out shining.”  Since I became a Christian I’ve faced many tests and trials but I’ve overcome them and if I can; anyone can.”

‘The Life Of Presha’ also serves a wake up call to Christian’s who are struggling with their walk with God and maintaining a right relationship with Him like Presha J did and openly shares with us in this song.

“There was a time when I just couldn’t pray anymore. I found it really hard, and because of that I became weak and vulnerable… But when you have right-minded people around you, there’s only so long you can stay like that. Being around light makes a BIG difference!”

The music video for ‘The Life Of Presha’ was released on 2nd April 2012 and has hard garnered an amazing response from supporters with them saying that the video is “Setting the standard,”Superb” and “Inspiring.”

‘The Life Of Presha’ is Presha J’s first musical project of the year and is the warm-up single for his much anticipated album ‘The Travellers Guide’ which will be a concept based project (accompanied by videos) taking the listener/viewer on a journey with Presha J exploring his journey to where he is now and what he has seen, heard and experienced along the way.

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