I have written two articles on different political issues in two separate editions of Yada so Harry (the editor guy) is starting to think politics is my thing. Well to be grounded in politics, I should be a polictician right? Wrong. The closest thing to politics that I have involved myself in was in the university when I was appointed into the student council (there was nothing political about it just a mere selection of persons to communicate matters). So maybe politics isn’t my thing because I am a politician. My prowess in politics might be because of fact the fact that I am an acclaimed political analyst. The only problem with that is my complete lack of knowledge of the political situation of my country both past and present. In fact apart from the fact that Goodluck Jonathan is the president of Nigeria and that Fashola is the governor of Lagos and also that Dimeji Bankole is the speaker of the House of Representatives (I know this because I did an article on the House of Representatives in school). At least my knowledge of politics is not to zero.

The thing that makes politics my thing is that like millions of other Nigerians I am very concerned about the political situations in my country. So now to today’s discussion, POLITICS!

Is it just me or has there been a lot of news about Jonathan’s performance or lack of it in the media. Just recently, he completed about a 100 days in office and a big deal was made out of it both positively and negatively making one wonder, what exactly is going on? The circumstances surrounding Jonathan’s appointment as president are certainly peculiar and maybe a certain amount of uniqueness in handling matters is understandable but how much? Has Jonathan really made a mark in his brief time to make the average Nigerian vote him into office again. Or looking at past presidents is he the lesser of all evils? Don’t get me wrong, I have no conclusion on the matter as many will say the president hasn’t really had sufficient time to prove his worth.

My parting words; if one ingredient that makes democracy desirable is a free and fair election, how desirable is our democracy in Nigeria?

I hope I have made a bit of sense so far and haven’t just subjected you to the scribbles of a political writer wanna be because I have to stop here as I have space limit and hands are beginning to quake which is usually a sign for me to stop. So take care guys and carefully consider the above question.

By Bunmi Obanawu


  1. Bunmi ur writing aint bad oh… nice write up I gotta say. True tho- I ask myself: “WHAT HAS GOODLUCK JONATHAN DONE AS PRESIDENT FOR NIGERIANS around- WHAT CHANGE, WHAT IMPACT tangible enough??” By the way, I check out nigerinas almost on the daily from Turenchi.com to notjustok.com, regardless…
    probably the only hting he can possibly pull off for his term wud be 2011….:Free and Fair Elections.Tho, If not- WE WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT……. BY FORCE!
    Salu’t JOY

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