have you ever laid in bed

struggling to make your eyelids meet

but you stare at the white roof and wonder

how can I shed this heavy burden

is it really worth it?

is this really God’s plan?

will the love of my life ever lay next to me?

how can I lift the roof off and touch the sky?

I have ….

loads of times

I lay in my bed many nights

sometimes I try to pray

sometimes I pray

so the thoughts can fade

sometimes I succeed

sometimes I doze off

but today; just before dawn

for the first time it dawned on me


some people go to sleep at night

and as they lay their backs

they have a beautiful view of the sky

only cos they have no roof over their heads

they wish they had my duvet

they wish the concrete was as soft as my vitafoam

they wish the bench was as wide as my single bed


so worry not

I know

everything will work out fine

for me


for you


*I learnt a song last week: 

“to know that You love me and know that I love You therefore everything will be OK; I open my heart” 


This poem was written by Lani. Check him out at www.griptime.com

Image from http://medtips.in/dont-ignore-sleep/


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