I sat down outside the University Chapel with my friends at about 8:15pm and my mind actively became engaged with thoughts, not with what was happening in my environment but with life itself. It is funny how things turn around. The world I taught was so little is actually big and has many undiscovered things yet to find but what we experience makes who we are.

Sometimes people tend to ignore you and who you are to them.

Sometimes the memories of the past comes and hit you off balance.

Sometimes your past mistakes are remembered and you feel like swallowing yourself.  Sometimes the joke people tell about your mistakes sends a negative stimulus to your brain and makes you inferior.

Sometimes the abilities of others make you inferior and you feel you should not be among them.

Sometimes, you feel like running away from the people you call friends and special people lie to you.

Sometimes you do not want to fall in love to avoid being vulnerable and getting emotionally hurt.

Sometimes your feelings and outward disposition betray you. \

Sometimes you really have to be careful not to end up under the feet of everyone around. Sometimes your inability to make a decision or even the decisions you make stand against you and hit you like a boomerang.

In as much as we try to avoid pain by choosing the right things in life, let us not forget that life is not one sided. It is a bundle of joy with few challenges to mould our understanding of our Creator who is God. In as much as we feel pain about how our friends or family treat us, let us not forget that they are also humans and we have treated them badly too whether knowingly or unknowingly. Life is about making amends, learning and building your self-esteem with the things that best describe what makes you special. You do not have to wallow in pain or sadness about people’s behaviour towards you. The contacts you make, the people you talk to, the challenges you face, all combine to make a better person if you let it. I believe that what makes a man or woman is the ability to face pain and happiness and still thank God for a great life. LIFE IS A GAME. PLAY IT.

This article was written by Glory Onyema.

Image from uniquelifeguide.com

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