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I had waited for this day to come and finally it was here. I was getting married to the girl of my dreams. She just wasn’t any girl, she was Jumoke Johnson. Who would have thought that despite all the arguments and the misunderstandings and the lost years we would still still end up together, making our union valid in the eye of our creator? Who would have thought that despite our “differences” we would still decide to make the commitment to spend the rest of our lives together? Men, who would have thought?
I stand in the Church and await my bride. I am putting on a black tuxedo and my best man Ebuka is standing beside me. He looks really fly in his own suit but you know now, you cannot outshine the groom. It is not possible. Seating in the front pew are my parents in their very expensive lace and beside them is seated Jumoke’s mum. My mum has a straight face and it is like she can’t wait to get the service over with. I smile to myself thinking of how far my relationship with Jumoke has come and how we were able to make it against all the odds stacked against us (Odds meaning my mother and her drama).
The organ starts and everyone gets up. The doors open and my bride emerges looking beautiful in her white strapless gown. I am 100% sure every guy in the church is going gaga for her. As she approaches, she smiles at me and I wink at her as we turn to face the pastor.
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joining together in holy matrimony of Jumoke Rosemary Johnson and Temitope Darek Taiwo. If anybody has anything against this union, speak now or forever hold your peace”
Nobody speaks up. I scan the crowd for Ovie and hope he doesn’t pull any stunt. After a while, he continues with the formalities, we say the I do’s and finally he goes
“You may kiss the bride”
Suddenly I feel a nudge on my elbow and I jolt.
“Guy, wetin they do you na? You dey person wedding and you dey sleep. Stand up jor, Jumy wan enter church”
I stand up and think to myself, Oh how I hate dreams!
The final installment is coming tomorrow.
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