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It has been 2 hours since Jumoke walked out with her “Nigerian American” boyfriend. Please. Which one is Nigerian American? Na dem sabi.


The truth is I am still in love with Jumy (that’s what I used to call her). I am so happy she finally found what she was looking for. She wanted success and power and fame, that is something only a Nigerian American can give her, right?


I looked at her card. It read Jumoke Johnson, Legal Adviser to some huge multinational corporation. I can imagine her salary. At that moment, Ebuka my bestfriend walked into my office.


“Idiot! How far?” He said as he made himself comfortable on one of the sofas in my office.
“Cow leg! I dey oh” I replied.
Wetin dey? They kill ur papa?” He asked me
“Funny. Guess who come here today?” I asked him, even though I knew he won’t guess. If there is one thing I know Ebuka Nwachukwu hates, it is guessing. I pity his students at the University where he lectures.
Abeg talk wetin u wan talk. Which 1 be guess” he was already eager to hear more.
“Jumy? Which Jumy”
“My Jumy now”
“Jumy. The i- wanna-go-to-Law-School Jumy?”
“Yes oh. She was here”
I can just see the excitement in Ebuka’s eyes.
“That is wondeful news. So when una go hook up?
Hook up. Person come here with her bobo, u dey talk say hook up. No hook ups dey oh”
Yes oh. She don find Nigerian American husband and they wan marry in 3 wks”
“Ewo. Wetin u go do now?” Ebuka can be so dramatic
“Nothing oh. She give me her card sha”
“Bad girl! She wan make u call am”
Is he right? Does Jumoke want me to call her?
“I no know oh. She give me her after I give am my own”
“So wetin u go do?” Ebuka asks me. He is no more on my sofa. He has already dragged a chair beside me
“Well. Here is what I will do. I will sit back and wait for her call” I said. With that, I reached for her card, squeezed it and threw it out of the window.
“What did you do that for?” Ebuka asked me looking perplexed.
“It is called moving on”
“Yeah right. Na u sabi”
“Bros, forget Jumy. Wetin dey?”


Soon, Ebuka stars to blab about some party he got us invites to. He talks about all the high profile people he can meet there and how he will talk to them about how we can make Nigeria more eco friendly. The truth is even as he keeps talking, I remember my first kiss. It was soft and I tasted her strawberry lip gloss. It was OUR first kiss. It was in Cupids Park.


It was Jumy and I


There is more. Watch out for more as Pain of Separation is a 10 part series


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