This weekend I was in Miami, Fl. at “Expolit 2012” which is a huge Music Expo for Latin Christian music. There were over 600 booths from Companies, Artists & Media showcasing their products and trying their very best to attract as much traffic as possible to their booths. As I was leaving the convention center I thought about all 5,000 people who were in attendance because of a dream. This convention center was full of dreams! It made me wonder how many would actually become tangible and how many will never get passed the “Idea” stage.

Almost 10 years ago I snuck into this very same Expo as a teenager with just a dream who couldn’t afford to pay for his entrance. Fast forward 10 years and now my entrance is paid for, radio and tv interviews in the works and I’m bringing home a handful of CD’s from artist and musicians who were looking to put their dreams into the hands of someone who can make them come true.

I can’t help but to be incredibly thankful for how far God has brought me. I could of easily given up many times because of crisis and failures, but knowing my purpose in life has fueled my level of dedication and hard work. I’ve learned that there are many things in life that can get in the way of your dreams like fear of failure, fear of losing money, a death of a loved one and the list can go on; however, I’ve also learned that a dreamer with lots of passion and hard work can overcome almost anything that tries to get in the way of that dream.

I don’t know what season in life your in. Whether your an entrepreneur, student, pastor, leader, musician or parent, I want to encourage you to stay focused, work hard and always put God first. Don’t let temporary obstacles get in the way of your dreams!



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