Pablo Villatoro, a member of award winning Christian hip-hop group Group 1 Crew announced today that he was leaving the group. He said this in a letter to his fans.

Hey, what’s up G1C land! This is Pablo from The Crew! I wanted to personally write this letter to our fans to make an announcement that I have stepped down from Group 1 Crew. This past year, I have learned so much and God has done so much within me. Now being newly married, my main priority is to build a solid foundation for my immediate ministry, which is my marriage. God has blessed me with an amazing wife that has fought with me through every battle the enemy has thrown our way, and by that I am incredibly humbled.

I’m excited for this new season! One thing I know to be true is when God shows you the purpose for your life, and you lay every dream and desire of your heart before him, He is faithful to make the way clear and bring the pieces together. He has already begun to do so in my life.

I am extremely grateful for every single person that has supported us from the very beginning and will continue to do so after reading this. You all have played a major role in our personal lives- more than you will ever know! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you at our shows throughout the years, and have made some great friendships along the way. Our mission as a group has always been to inspire people to chase after their dreams, and today I echo that very same message. No matter what curveball life throws at you, remember God created you for a purpose. Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams!

Love all of you!
– Pablo


We wish Pablo continued success in all his endeavors
Photo by Dan Austin


NOTE: Pablo is also a contributor to the Yada Magazine website and the name of his column is Pablo’s Blog. You can check out the first post here. You can read subsequent posts under the category.


  1. Gonna miss you Pablo!!!! You were, by far, my favorite person in the group….really sad to see you go……I’m really gonna miss your awesome hair!!!!

  2. that is super sad. but i know that you will be an awesome husband. you have already shown so by making this huge decision. thanks for your service to the group and the fans

  3. You might consider a position with the Newsboys. That would help to grow both their fan base with young people and also help out your work in the Lord. Joe Burke- LIFT FM RADIO NETWORK

  4. I dont think the group 1 crew will survive without you u were the best rapper there (nooffense to the other guy!) and i dont think that they will survive with the name either because it’s no longer a group or crew but the did have 1 that left

  5. Wow, never thought that u would leave the crew, in total honesty though u wer the better rapper but stuff like dat doesn’t really matter cuz its done for the lord not people..may God bless you and your wife its sad to know your gone but let it be the lords will God Bless homie

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