Hello it’s me kikky your usual host. Today we are going to be talking about a lot of things actually things that women worry about the most. As you all know I’m a model and I think I know a little about those things.  Anyways I am here to talk about shoes, bags, cloths, accessories, makeup, skincare and blah blah blah.

SHOES: They are the best accessories a lady can use for a simple dress and make it look wow! Imagine wearing a short sleeveless black dress with a white belt and a pair of ninewest black and brown heels you will definitely look like a stunner.

BAGS: They are a lady’s best friend, that’s were you will find all kind of things depending on what kind of lady she is. We have different types of bags in fact they are so many I do not know all their names some of them are clutch, big, baskets, whatever. Black bags are a must-have. Once you have that you can buy any other color you like no matter how ugly it looks one day you will find something that will match.

CLOTHS: Duh you wear cloths so you must have at least something in your wardrobe. Do not mind me I am talking about classy and decent cloths. You do not need to wear naughty dresses before you are noticed. Most ladies do that and people get the wrong impression about them. FOR GOD SAKES WE ARE IN NIGERIA NOT AMERICA? As for me, I am a dramatic dresser. It means I love to dress with a little bit of drama in it. For those that do not understand the meaning of dramatic anyways here are tips on how to dress and feel comfortable, decent, sexy, and classy all in one piece. Oh I forgot your must have? You must have a little black dress like everybody doesn’t know that already, a lovely pair of jeans, pencil  skirt, a black camisole, and your saver in case you don’t know what to wear a lovely slim fitted jacket.                                                                                                                                                                        Now for your dressing tips especially for days you do not know what to wear. If it is to work just put a pair of jeans, a black camisole, and your saver jacket. If it is to a dinner, your LBD is always handy.

ACCESSORY: All you need is the right accessory for the right occasion or cloths. Just accessorize properly and you will not have to worry about entering the fashion crime list and be printed as verdict number one.

MAKEUP: I do not use makeup only lip-gloss, powder, and kajal its only when I am on the runway you see me with heavy makeup. For those who use make up regularly I would advise you to use what suits you and do not copy your friends. Please try has much as possible not to look scary.

SKINCARE: Bath thrice a day. Wash, moisturize, cleanse, and lotion your face. Use deodorants and perfumes because everyone has bolaji ojo so cover that up and please do not kill us with the smell. Try to go for monthly massage it helps you relax. I have been trying to read more about the benefits of massages, I know that they can be miraculous in certain situations. Shave once a month so your skin does not get too soft, when shaving your legs it is advisable to use shaving cream instead of blades so you do not get yourself injured and leave awful marks on your legs. Please use shaving creams that smell nice not those ones that make you want to puke.

Just imagine wearing your LBD, killer heels, lovely accessories, little makeup and a small cute clutch bag to a dinner with your guy; I’m 100% sure that he would be breathless. Reason why I said a LBD and little makeup is so that you will not look desperate. Make sure the LBD is on your knees or a little bit above your knees so you do not look like you want something. Make sure you try something this weekend with him, it will help strengthen your relationship (not sex).

I think that will be all for today so ladies hope you got a thing or two from this month’s article. Please work on those things and always remember to dress decent, sexy, classy, comfortably and make a good impression it always helps to boost your ego. Ciao mo amor. Despedirse de alguien


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