When a clothing label is named “Orange Culture”, it’s bound to be edgy, young, fresh and colorful. Take my word for it’s exactly that and so much more!

Orange Culture is a clothing label by Nigerian designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal. His fashion house has two lines; a menswear and womenswear line. The women’s wear line is edgy and modern with a touch of African inspiration that can be seen through the patterns and prints in some of the designs.  The collection celebrates the sexy, confident woman and can be worn throughout the day in a work environment, to a cocktail party or even to a red carpet event. The line includes high wasted shorts, leather pants, layered tops  and a long flowing gown that could be worn to a red carpet event to name a few.

In the “about us” section of their website it reads “Orange Culture is more than a line; it’s a movement. A movement for men and women who don’t allow clothes to determine who they are. It’s a line for people who just enjoy colors”.

From their “about us” Its clear Orange Culture wants to liberate and create freedom for people who wear the brand to feel comfortable in being different and wearing unique pieces.



By Innocent Ndlovu


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