North, South, East and West-the call of nation-building and social responsibility is upon every girl, every boy, every woman and every man. We are Nigerians-they, them, us, you and I! We are Nigerians-strong, passionate, illustrious and poised for the sky!

Through this clarion call and video theme, The One Nation One Destiny Initiative is aimed at creatively re-affirming the essence of who we are as a great, beautiful and destined people. WE ARE NIGERIANSLET’S RISE AND BUILD!

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We are Nigerians                                                   IMG-20140930-WA0000
We are one people
God made us united
In our diversity
We have one history
We have one destiny
We are Nigerians
Let’s rise and build

Verse 1
We have the vision
With hope of what can be
Our dreams are lofty
Our future great
Yes, we can do what’s right
And walk in love’s just ways
We are Nigerians
Let’s rise and build

Chorus (x1)

Verse 2

We’ve had our bitter taste
Of hate and bitterness
We’ve danced in agony
To drums of war
But now we see the light
Let tribe and tongue unite
We are Nigerians
Let’s rise and build
Chorus (x1)

Voice-call (Words)

We are Nigerians
Though of many tribes and each with a different tongue
We stand united in our resolve
To build, to defend and to honour our great nation
We are a great people
From the beautiful grasslands and savannah
To our rich rain forest
In a land flowing with oil and gold
Hear the clatter of groundnuts
Hear the whispering palms
See the towering cocoa trees
We are Nigerians

Chorus (x2)

We are Nigerians
Let’s rise and build


Project Ownership/Co-ordination- One Nation, One Destiny Initiative

Song Written by CN for 1N1D Initiative

Creative Direction/Props/Costumes-Glowreeyah Braimah

Music Production-Cobhams Asuquo

Technical Video Direction-Frizzle & Bizzle FilmsAM

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