Apostle G.D Numbere was my Father, both spiritual and biological and he raised us up with what we call ‘tough love’.

I remember as kids we would all rush off to arrange the house as soon as we heard his horn at the gate. He did not like disorder.    We saw him live out what he preached and ‘a good name is better than riches’ is what we always saw through his life. I’ve had situations where after my introduction, people would light up and say ‘Oh that’s your father?’ and then would proceed to offer help or favours .This is something money could never have bought.

Most recently, the first time he heard a song I wrote as well as what people were saying about it, he smiled, encouraged me and said ‘well done, I am proud of you’.

‘ONCE AGAIN’ is my tribute song to him. It was difficult to write but more difficult to sing through. I know he’s singing in Heaven and adding his Kalabari blend to the music up there. We all miss him and I hope you gain some encouragement just from listening in…   

I’ll always love you ‘Daddy’

James Numbere

– James Numbere


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