Hey guys, I hope all is well with all of you, and hope you’re being successful in your purpose fulfilling endeavours. God has been speaking to me lately about thoughts and the mind and how it is a factor affecting what we do and our moods. Some say guys are not emotional, but little do those ‘some’ know; it’s just that we handle our emotions differently, and thoughts have a lot to do with our emotions.

In this life where so many varieties of things happen, it is natural for there to be complex responses to these things and one thing we should remember is that the Word of God caters for all and in a sense, simplifies everything. So in a situation where you think ‘this is only happening to me’, the same Word of God that can bring someone out of a situation can also bring you out of that situation because the Word of God deals with ANYTHING. This makes life so much more straight forward because even though there are a large varieties of situations that could happen, God simplifies everything by His Word and us dwelling on it.

Ok back to the topic, LOL. Thoughts are very powerful and if we are not careful, it can lead us into bad situations or circumstances, e.g. depression, hatred, prejudgements of people, moodiness, and can even alter our perspective of life from what God wants us to see it as. Even unbelievers know that positive thinking helps a lot, but the difference with us is that we have a Hope that is never failing.

So I just want to challenge you guys, as much as myself, to think positive i.e. rely on God’s Word in all situations; ranging from how you respond to what people say, your attitude or response when something doesn’t go the way you want it to go (I actually don’t believe God dismisses our prayers, I feel He either says I have something better planned for you, or He says not yet;  and He knows what He is saying), the repetition of a bad behaviour from somebody, etc. To all these examples and more, God has a Word for us to dwell on in response to them, and once we get the hang of these things, growth is experienced if our responses always match the Word of God. For example racism could be the case. If you constantly experience racism, your response should be Godly and once that response becomes part of you, growth has taken place because you no longer respond the way the flesh would want you too. Your response in this case is based on the situation you may be in anyway but do you get my drift?

This might be slightly random, but I have this motto now that is as follows: “Still Love Even In The Absence Of Love”, which means that even though we may not be receiving love from people, we should still love as God loves us…at the end of the day, life is not all about you.

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