The 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards is back and better and the good news we are listed as a blog so you can nominate us in the awards.  Here are the tips to nominating this website.

How to nominate blogs:

  1. Visit the Nominations page.
  2. Fill in your name and email address. Please use a valid email address or your nomination will not be counted.
  3. Put the website addresses (urls) of the blogs you are nominating, making sure that the nominated blog fits the category it is being nominated for. Blogs nominated for categories they do not qualify for will be removed. In this case you are nominating [] and []
  4. When you’ve put a blog address in each of the categories you’d like to nominate a blog for, click the “Submit” button at the bottom left corner of the page. You will be directed to check the email address you used to register your nominations for a confirmation email.
  5. Open the email from nigerianblogawards (or anonymous) and click on the link in the email. This will cause your nominations to be registered.


The categories we feel can best fit out blog are 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 27, 30. You can nominate Harry’s blog in other categories you see fit. We really want to make the final nomination list and we wont be able to do that without your nominations.


Go to the website now and share the link with as many people as you can.


Thanks for supporting us.


God bless

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