I dedicate this poem to all victims of sexual abuse.

Rise up, you’re still God’s beautiful child.


I heard her voice every single day, laughing.

Rich bubbly sounds of pure emotion unsoiled by mature thoughts

Of cynicism.

When she laughs, it is a true

Sincere feeling.

I wish I could laugh like that… again.


I heard her voice every single night, laughing

Ringing peals of joyous delight unscarred by mature experiences

Of unfaithfulness.

When she laughs, she knows

Safety and peace of mind.

I wish I could laugh like that… again.


I heard her voice each and every day, laughing

Harmonious sounds of welcome untainted by mature doubts

Of motives

When she laughs, she trusts

Enjoyable people are here to play.

I wish could laugh like that… again


I heard other voices one dark night, raging

Bitter sounds of disgust charged with mature emotions

Of sympathetic anger

I saw her then, she was hurt

Innocence savagely stolen in the evening.

Now she would never laugh like that… again



From YADA May 2009

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