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Nigeria’s Jubilee

by Peter AkinnusiOctober 8, 2010

My Country just clocked 50 years old and much like the Hebrews in Exodus we seem to be getting nowhere but, God has spoken and there are a select few just like Joel 2 says who are willing to bring that change…
this is a poem i wrote last year, it sums up my feelings and hopes, be blessed as you read it, it’s called I am…

I Am….

I am indirect and still direct rule,
I am considered corrupt, a big fool,
I am the fight, the subsequent struggle,
To be free; as light as a bubble.

I am the bloodless takeover, the bloody coup,
I am on the continent with the biggest shoes,
I am the Elected, the people’s Hero,
I am the definition of fresh, ground zero,
I am the budget that isn’t implemented,
I am the joy that is unprecedented,
I am the average youth, the old man, the unborn child,
I am talent, raw beauty, running wild,
I am the school that’s barely open,
The student that’s anxiously hoping,
I am the office that is abused, the power that is raped,
I am, amongst peers seemingly as obsolete as tapes.

I am considered by some an underachiever, a flash in the pan,
Yet they who make diamonds feed from my hand,
I am asked by my rivers, “why? Oh, why?”
I am the eagle that refuses to fly,
I am the horse without dignity, worn out by endless battle,
I am the grass, ravaged and destroyed by greedy cattle.
I am on my knees, torn apart by my grief,
And yet I dance despite little or no relief,
I am, I realise made for much more,
Not to be defined by boundaries or governors,
I am as some believe, the apple in God’s eye,
The engineer without whom this plane won’t fly,
Thus I refuse to die, calls for my death I refute,
I am ready to b transformed like a beggar in a new suit,
I am not dead; no it’s not over yet,
Critics, friends, the passive, place all your bets,
I will survive regardless the pain, the hype, the hysteria,
I am the sleeping giant that has been roused, I am ….Nigeria!

The writer of the  Socially InKorect column is Peter Ngbede Akinnusi. He currently blogs at

Peter Akinnusi
Peter Akinnusi is an engineer turned writer who loves to share and talk about his faith in God while retaining strong interests in sports, music (hip hop especially) and pop culture at large. He's known to champion the cause of caffeine consumption as well as despair over the fortunes of Manchester United. He has written for Imbue Magazine, and and could be found tweeting at @ngbede

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