A society which denies credit to its ethical pioneers of the past, just because they didn’t address the protruding issues of today is undermining its on foundation.

The histories of our past create the mysteries of our present.

It’s no new tale that the quests to finding solutions to Nigeria’s problems have become more eminent than ever before. Seminars and orientation programs are rolling up everyday, every youth seem to be burning with the fire of change. Our leaders are not out in this race to deliver a new Nigerian order. Well I didn’t write this article to not going to burn you with all the statistics and elucidation of our problems, No, I with this article to draw your attention to something I discovered recently. I bet it will create a new light in you.

Have you ever sort to think about why every organization, institution and society has an anthem? What make our anthem unique to our existence as Nigerians? Here are my findings.

Anthems are rhythmic songs played or sang in events to elaborate the efficacies of the past present and future stance. Anthems are sacred songs that hold reaffirming our oath and pledges. Anthems are songs of praise that create cognition affective response to our national identity. Anthems convey the words and thoughts of our fathers, for our present manifestation and future expectation. Having heard all this, whats the link between our national anthem and our expected national change and development. Take a good look at these stanzas of our national anthem and tell me what you see.

Verse 1
God of creation.
Direct our noble course.
Guide our leaders right.
Help our youth the truth to know.
With love and honesty to show.
And live in just and truth.
Great lofty height attained
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

Verse two.
Arise O! Compatriot.
Nigerians called to obey.
To serve our fathers land.
With love and strength and faith
The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain.
To serve with heart and might.
One nation bound in freedom peace and unity.

I bet you’re getting curiosly bubbly on you inside. You are eager to know where i’m driving at. That’s how I felt before I discovered the secrets within our anthem. I was eager to know what secret where hidden within our anthem stanzas.

Do you observe that the first stanza of our anthem, portray the truth of our fathers act in acknowledge God as their helper and they did expresses this in prayers? Take a look at this again.

God of creation. (The acknowledgement of Gods supremeness)
Direct our noble course. (Prayer for divine direction)
Guide our leader’s right. (Prayer Wisdom from God for our leaders)
Help our youth the truth to know (Prayer for their future generation. You and I)
With love and honesty to show. (Prayer for a life of oneness and sincerity in our attitude and approaches)
And live in just and truth. (Prayer of integrity and justness)
Great lofty height attained. (Prayer of thanks for our independence)
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign. (Prayer of request for our future and expected end).

This is amazing; I believe the reason why our past was outstanding is as a result of our fore fathers reference for God no matter how little it may seem. From the above writings, we can affirm that they (our fore fathers) referenced for God in prayers and devotion. The saw God as the maker of all things including Nigeria. Without God nothing is possible. Nigeria was outstanding in the past because God was the soured of our direction, strength and wisdom. Leaving him to sort to out national issue our self has really cost us. No wonder it’s looks unsolvable. But the good news is God is the only man who doesn’t change but changes things. If we truly are searching for solution to Nigeria’s problems? We must get back to our maker.
But on the other hand, my faith makes me believe all faith without work is as good and dead. This bring be to the other aspect of our national anthem which expressed the fact that aside acknowledging God we all have our individual roles to perform as Nigerians. Let’s take a look at it.

Verse two
Arise O! Compatriot. (The clarion call on all fellow citizens of Nigeria)
Nigerians called to obey. (The call to work without dispute and murmuring)
To serve our fathers land. (The call to work in service to redeeming our fathers land)
With love and strength and faith (The call to serve Nigeria in love, with strength and by faith)
The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain. (The call to sustain our legacy. Owning to the truth that the beginning of our end must justify the end to our beginning)
To serve with heart and might.(The call for our service our nation with diligence and determination until our inner dream becomes an open reality)
One nation bound in freedom peace and unity. (Our expected result: peace and oneness)

This I have seen to been to be the truth. All that’s written above have given me a new perception to what i need to do in redeeming our national image and glory. It’s up to you and me to do it right.

Daniel Obafemi
Founder nowleadeship

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