Happy Independence day, Nigeria.

It has been 50 years people and some people think we should put on sack cloth, roll in the dust and bury our heads in our laps. I feel it is time to celebrate and reflect.

Celebrate: The last 50 years has been crazy! From military coups, to the oil boom, the decline of agriculture and corruption at its peak… God has been pretty faithful. Looking at all the things Nigeria has been through, it is a surprise how our nation is not a war torn nation. How we have managed to pull through all our issues and still stand out on the world map. It is amazing how we young Nigerians have been able to distinguish ourselves, showing the world that creativity is our strong point. I feel we need to celebrate. Get your glasses people!!

Reflection: I won’t lie. 50 years has come and gone and our country still feels the same. It is scary because I look at my generation and I feel that the same cycle will repeat it self again. The greed from the generation before is slipping into ours and if care is not taken may slip into the generation after.

So what do we do?

SHD- Sustainable Human Development

I don’t know why but I just feel it everytime. The importance of SHD in any nation is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Think about it guys. We are 50. We have tried everything and but we are back at the same point… Everytime.

Let’s start by thinking about the future generation. Let’s see were we go from there.


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