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I am still in shock.


I mean it was perfect. We were going to get married after graduation. We were in LOVE. Everybody knew us. From our first year to our final year, we maintained a consistent relationship. We planned everything and managed to convince our parents why we needed to get married after graduation. I was gonna be a chef, she was gonna be an event planner/decorator. We were going to live very simple lives but most importantly, we were going to be very happy.


On graduation night after all the celebration, Jumoke and I took a walk to Cupid’s Park (It was where we met and it became our spot). I noticed that Jumoke looked very distant but I knew what was going to cheer her up. So what I did was as soon as we sat down, I got on my knees and brought out the engagement ring I have been saving for for 2 yrs.


“Jumoke, will you marry me, officially” I asked her


We have always talked about the moment when we would make the proposal official so I expected her to laugh or smile or something. Instead, she burst into tears.


“I can’t, Tope” she said admist her tears.
“You can’t do what?” I asked her. There is no way Jumoke was going to break up with me.
“I want to get an MBA, I want to go to Law School. I want to be rich and famous. I want to be on the cover of Genevieve Magazine and I know it may sound conceited, it is the truth. You want a simple life and I don’t think I want a simple life. We are 21 and I have so much I can do. Its a world of possibilities out there and I don’t want to be the wife of the owner of the small fast food down the street who plans mini events. I love you and I really do but I can’t marry you. I pray God gives you a girl that will want the same thing”


She stood up still in tears, gave me a kiss on my head and walked away. I was in shock and could not contain myself. I just sat there a wreck and I could not go after her.


Now 10 years has passed, and there she is in my small restaurant/coffee shop. Looking radiant as usual. I should have gone after her. I should have chased her. I tried calling her 2 days after but she had travelled. I have to talk to her.


“Jumoke Johnson” I said, standing in front of her table
“OMG! Tope Taiwo” she stands up and gives me a hug

“How have you been?” I ask her

“Good. I am on my lunch break. Do you work here?”

“I own this place” at that moment a tall, dark handsome guy works in and puts his arm around her.

“Tope meet my fiance, Ovie. Ovie this is Tope”


I am in shock



Watch out for the second part…


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  1. I hate suspense. Hope this suspense will not be long? Cant wait to read the concluding part.
    Harry, I am really proud of you.

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