Indie label TowerGate Records is delighted to present to the world a brand new duo by the name SUPA STAH. The duo are entering the industry with their first single, a high-octane, highly infectious club banger called “In The Mood”. This heavy hitting jam, featuring Mamiska, is off their upcoming EP, which is tagged “Nuclear Fusion”, and is exclusively produced by hotly trending producer/medical doctor, Dr Sankty.


“Supa Stah is a duo comprising TowerGate Records recording artists Dr Sankty and Viva, and each of them bring something musically unique to the table; Dr Sankty’s Electro-Hip-Afro-Pop feel and crazy beats, and Viva’s classy Naija Pop-Diva swag, both of which complement each other seamlessly. So we [TowerGate Records] decided to have them record a joint project with a view to creating a whole new musical energy altogether, hence the name ‘NUCLEAR FUSION’, which is a term used in Physics to denote the creation and release of energy by fusing two atoms together. 
The EP is produced by Dr Sankty @ 17-17 AudioLaB and is 5 tracks strong, and features the talents of other cutting edge acts as well. It’s really a must have in every sense!”
 Click here to download

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