Born in the early 80s, Afrikan J is one remarkable gospel artiste that has garnered acclaim with her world-class African Praise & Worship songs. Her real name is Joy George and she describes her stage name as a denotation of ‘Joy of Africa’.
 She is originally from Okrika in Rivers State, Nigeria, and is happily married to Capt. Aminu George with two lovely daughters as a blessing to their union.
A member of Church of God Mission International,  Afrikan Jay values her relationship with God beyond merely calling herself a Christian. She describes herself as a deep believer of Jesus Christ and adherent of His gospel.
She started singing publicly at the age of eight and has never stopped ever since. She describes her music as inspirational gospel music with a good dose of Afro and highlife music.
 With such combination, the result you get is a standard blend of contemporary African rhythm that appeals to a broad fan base. That is exactly the sound of Afrikan J.
She is indeed not a new comer on the scene. Aside from the fact that she’s been singing right from the age of eight, she has also been very active in her music career and has churned out four good gospel albums till date. Those albums have recorded impressive commercial success even though she didn’t get critical acclaim in the process.
With over 10,000 copies of her video collection sold, Afrikan J is indeed a silent achiever that has been achieving great feats without getting the necessary media buzz. Her videos have also enjoyed rotation on premium TV stations in Nigeria even though it can’t be equated to having helped her sales.


With such a pedigree, it is obvious that this artiste has seamlessly achieved what a lot of artistes dream to achieve. She has even reached heights with her music that are greater than where her more popular contemporaries have gotten. She attributes all these to the grace of God.
Her sole mentor is “Mummy Onyeka Owenu” and it’s not hard to see where she got her afro-tilt and overwhelming commitment to African rhythm.
 She has also had a horde of performances at public/private events and in churches. Among these are  her performance at the Bayelsa State AIDs Day Commemoration and  at the Rivers State Thanksgiving Day.

Aside music, she is a journalist, a presenter, a cook, a fashion designer, wife and loving mother who loves eating native soup with semovita. She also loves pink. The love that flows between her and her hubby is indeed strong as she describes her worst moment to be “…When my hubby is out of town”.

The world awaits this world-class artiste and the stage is indeed set for her music. The best part of all these is that she is using her music as a ministry for Jesus Christ in whom she wholly believes in.
Listen to her songs below

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