eMJOY is back with a ‘dance-provoker’ jam fresh in 2012. In his words it is almost like saying “Happy New Year, REJOICE!”

This track is titled “E Ni Duro”.  Here the hailed clever rapper takes on the Afrobeat/house ‘Riverbed’ instrumental by Braille from the UK and makes it his own in this “No holding back” jam. “E ni duro” (a Yoruba phase) literally translates to “you won’t wait” in English or “no holding back”.

We at Yada already love the song and I hope you will to. You can download it here

Born Mayowa Adebajo, eMJOY is a remarkable gospel artist hailing from Nigeria (and currently schooling in Toronto Canada) on the scene to marvelously showcase God’s grace and truth and draw us all nearer to His mind-blowing love.

eMJOY began his recording and performing career in 2010, prior to which he remembers  writing and performing at around 10 years and had his first big stage performance in high school, age 15.

Besides premier releases of a video (Yada Magazine’s Top 25 Music Videos of the Year) and mixtape in 2011, the year also stood out for eMJOY having his most stage performances/ministration opportunities ever of over 10 events across Toronto in total including NSA gala 2011, Covenant Chapel youth Alive concert, Jesus House Scarborough Praise Weekend event, Project Lyte 2011, UofT Afrofusion, among others.


Reach eMJOY:

eMJOY’s music available for download at www.emjoy.bandcamp.com

Email for bookings, inquiries, etc. at emjoychannel@live.ca

Like on Facebook/theemjoychannel

Follow on Twitter @eMJOYtruly


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