Veteran rapper The Bossman, a.k.a Mr Oga, is back from a productive hiatus with a brand new industry-strength release tagged “TGFF”, which stands for “Thank God For Friday”. This explosive set piece combines a club savvy rhythm section with cool Afro-beat chords and conscious-type lyricism to create a compelling, cosmopolitan 2012-compatible groove with a sprinkling of the futuristic. With a lush blend of rapping and sung harmonies and a soundtrack painstakingly crafted by producer and medical doctor Dr Sankty [of 17-17 AudioLaB], The Bossman cleverly illustrates and captures the emotional relief of the average working class Nigerian on a friday, the last day of the working week, giving listeners a truly stress-dissolving cruise experience that is totally at home in car stereos during rush-hour traffic. This joint is totally worth every second of its running time!
The Bossman full names Ibukun Olayiwola is a hip-hop artiste and former member of the music group, The Maytryx. His short stint with the group lasted for 2 years between 2000 and 2002 after which he had to concentrate on his Building degree at the University of Lagos.
He rebranded himself as a solo artiste in 2008 and has been working on his sound and music to give his fans the best. His present genre can be classified under Hip hop with a fusion of Afro beat. Pushed to creative heights after the success of his last singles Won ni and You think you know me feat Rooftop MCs and Eben respectively, TGFF is a new single off his upcoming album, The Real Boss.
Download the song here
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