One of the reasons why fashion is so intriguing is due to it’s re-use of clothing items that were formed many years ago and incorporating it in today’s world. The clothing item being discussed in this post is Turbans.

Turbans were worn by people as far back as the 4th century. It was common amongst the Egyptians in the times of the Pharaohs; where bands of varieties of fabrics were used to create Turbans and they were worn by both males and females. Not only was it used for the sake of ‘fashion’ back then, but it was also used as a means to cool down in the hot deserts.

You may recognise them as they are usually worn by Indian men who call it a Pagri, and it is also recognisable in black culture; Jamaicans (mostly Rastafarians) use it as a style or way to wrap their hair/dreadlocks. Over here in Nigeria, you can even call ‘gele’ a type of Turban.

Turbans definitely give a different look to an outfit; a sort of ethnic look perhaps? Wearing them is also fun as they can be tied in a variety of ways; some use it to entirely cover their hair, some tie it in a way that just covers the front of their head, some just hang it over their head even, etc.

Quite a few designers have included them in their collection (especially Giorgio Armani, who added turbans to all the outfits of their Spring 2011 collection) and many Fashionistas now rock them, so jump on the wagon! This trend is for the ladies so you guys can grab your ‘gele’ and rock it with jeans or  a maxi dress, etc.

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