With Tiger Woods winning for the first time in over two years and the Masters this week the public consciousness is on comebacks. Even the economy is showing signs of a comeback as well. Rick McDaniel has written a new book Comeback which focuses on how anyone can have a comeback from whatever setback they may have had – divorce, job loss, health problems.

Though we all experience setbacks no one wants to take a step back. McDaniel shows the causes for setbacks and lessons you can learn from them. He identifies how to get ready for a comeback and the components and steps needed to make it happen. Along the way he shares many inspiring stories of comebacks.

Easter is this Sunday and McDaniel has a chapter on the Top Ten Greatest Comebacks of All Time with the Resurrection as number one. Many athletes of strong faith like Tim Tebow, Kurt Warner, Josh Hamilton and Jeremy Lin have all experienced comebacks. He shows the importance of faith in having a comeback.

Rick McDaniel is the founder/senior pastor of Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia. The church is known for its contemporary style and innovative services and has a worldwide reach through www.highimpactchurch.tv. Rick’s messages are featured in video and audio form on many outlets including amazon, audible and lightsource. He has three earned degrees including an advanced degree from Duke University. He has written three previous books and spoken on five continents.

The website for the book is www.comeback-thebook.com


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