Now to draw the curtain on this series: As Christians, it’s left to us to infiltrate, or rather invade the music industry (by the application of wisdom) with a lot of REAL MUSIC (Matt 10:16), and not just any kind of music, but one with CREATIVITY and SKILL! (Psalms 33:3). It also has to be attractive to appeal to its listener (Titus 2:10). It’s essential we master our art, the art of music. The truth is, if you tag it “gospel” or “Christian”, it will be overlooked by those who actually need the gospel, the lost… the CONFUSED. (1 Corinth 2:14). It’s more like stereotyping oneself. As far as I know, God did not create “gospel” music or “secular” music. He created MUSIC! Even the word ‘secular’, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary means; “not connected with spiritual or religious matters”. It doesn’t mean it’s evil or ungodly. For instance, I can sing about my country or the crisis in my society in other to give hope, or I can basically sing about my life, experiences I’ve been through, etc. It’s secular but positive and has a message, and in the long-run, you realize it’s inspired by God. So as Christians, how do we intend to reach the lost souls, the CONFUSED? To be honest, when you tag your music as “gospel” or “Christian”, only the “churched” (devoted Christians) will listen to it. This isn’t meant to be so. The gospel of Christ is meant for EVERYONE, including unbelievers and non-Christians. (Luke 4:42-43, Luke 5:31-32 [AMP], Matt 10:5-7, Matt 15:24, Rom 1:16). In times past, music that have been tagged “gospel” often sound WACK! (just being REAL). Am certain that nobody wants to listen to wack stuff.

Some might think this is a scheme to be more famous, get more fans, etc, but the truth is if the world doesn’t know you, how do you intend to take the gospel round the world? [Mark 16:15 (NLT)]. Don’t get me wrong, am not saying fame should be the aim, NO! All am saying is, if you are good at what you do, people will recognize you. But have this in mind, as a minister of God in MUSIC, your primary aim is to win souls, give hope, encourage the CONFUSED. Your secondary aim is to make good music skillfully by optimizing the gifts God put in you and your talents (Psalms 33:3). You have an EXCELLENT SPIRIT, so everything you do MUST be excellent! [Daniel 6:3 (KJV)]. You must also make your music have spiritual depth, which means you MUST maintain a steady intimate relationship with your creator, STUDYING God’s word constantly alongside PRAYER! (Very essential). Forget religion. I hate religion! Christianity has nothing to do with religion in any way, but it’s a lifestyle… just as the CONFUSED have a different lifestyle. Religious people are mostly hypocrites (if not all). They follow doctrines/traditions devised by men and not of God, and infuse it to the system of the Church, thereby making God’s word useless! (*shakes head*) [Col 2:20-23 (MSG, NLT), Mark 7:5-9 & 13]. That’s why Christianity doesn’t seem to be fun, which is not true. Being a Christian is so much fun, more than you can ever imagine. Let’s leave that for now, that’s a whole different issue to be dealt with in another article. (*smiles & winks*). A good friend of mine defined music like this: M.U.S.I.C = Me U Sing In Christ. I guess you now know what I mean. That is REAL MUSIC, not CONFUSED! You may not neccessarily sing about anything Christian, yet it’s positive, inspired by God. It could be funny and entertaining but not dirty or vulgar. God loves humour (Job 8:21, Psalms 2:4, Proverbs 17:22).

When we all get to Heaven (by the special grace of God), we shall be praising God with music (not gospel music). Am talking about REAL music. What people see as the main or real kind of music is so CONFUSED, and the more they dwell on confused music, the more confused they become, living in deceit. That’s how powerful music is and the devil knows this. Let’s all come together and give hope to a confused generation. Let’s go back to the times when music was still real and played a vital role in our moral standards. Let’s discourage confused music but encourage confused artists to become real artists, being the appropriate role models for the younger ones coming after them. Let’s open the eyes that have been blinded by the devil. God is REAL, Satan is CONFUSED! With God in your life, you’ll discover the real you and affect your world with the REAL stuff. Let’s put an end to garbage music. Christians, God has left this in our hands. The world is waiting earnestly on us. Let’s save our CONFUSED world! (Romans 8:19).

….the END.

 About the Author: Onyedika Nwoji (better known as DIKKY) is a Nigerian hip hop artist, music producer, songwriter who is in his very early 20’s. He’s also a co-founder/member of a hip hop movement by the name, CIA (Christ I Abide). He loves Jesus both by proffession and expression.

Some REAL music from Dikky:

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*   Poppin’ Them Thangs (Remix):

* Keepin’ it Real (Prod. by Gameman BeatzJockey):

*   Hiphop Revamp (Prod. by Dikky) – Featuring various artists:

*   Touch Down (Prod. by Cedar) – CIA:

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