As I stated earlier in the previous part of this series, Satan is using this powerful tool called MUSIC which he mastered while in Heaven, against the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth. It seems as if he’s winning, but I know this is not true. God is still raising men today, (by the grace of God, am one of them).

Now, a lot of “religious” people see some genres of music as evil and of the devil because of the way it’s being used in the world today. E.g; Hip hop, rock, etc. Well, I guess it’s because it’s more of noise than music, but according to these scriptures (Psalms 66:1-2, 95:1-2, 98:4-6) just to mention a few, God also enjoys JOYFUL NOISY MUSIC! That’s REAL MUSIC! (*grins*). Am fully persuaded that ALL things (including music of various genres) were created by God and are pure and good. (Rom 14:14). In times past, different styles of music have evolved over time into newer ones, creating entirely new genres of music. But the problem is its usage. If one thinks hip hop and rock can’t be used to glorify God, but genres like soul and R n B can, then I wish to inform such persons that there are a lot of soul music and R n B that are not POSITIVE and do not glorify God in any way. Try imagining a wine glass being used to drink hot egusi soup, or using water to fuel your automobile, or washing your mobile phone by immersing it in a bowl of water with detergent. Now you get the gist. It’s just a misuse or abuse! (*sighs*). Same with any kind of music. For instance, sex is good! It was created by God for a purpose (to be enjoyed ONLY in the confinement of marriage). But when it is misused or abused, it’s no longer sex but either fornication, adultery, homosexuality, incest, rape, etc. The end of such actions are always destructive because of misuse/abuse (Prov 16:25). Now can you see how CONFUSING those analogies are? That is exactly how CONFUSED MUSIC looks, maybe not to you, but to its creator. GOD CREATED MUSIC, SATAN CORRUPTED MUSIC. Music is music, it depends on how you use it. If its use is POSITIVE, its REAL MUSIC. If negative, CONFUSED MUSIC. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE “GOSPEL” MUSIC OR “SECULAR” MUSIC. Music is music, and serves a general purpose, which is BEING POSITIVE. It MUST add something positive to its listener. Even if it’s a love song, it should be done from God’s perspective because GOD IS REAL and THE WORLD IS  CONFUSED! All thanks to Mr. Satan. (*frowns and shakes head*).

The truth is; artists involved in CONFUSED MUSIC who sound really good are gifted of God. [James 1:17 (NKJV). But the issue is they are not using that gift for its actual purpose (misuse/abuse). If we can critically observe our world today, we should realize that majority of the world’s problems are as a result of the kind of music being dwelt on… negative, CONFUSED music. If this world is going to get any better, then we need more positive music, REAL music. Music to encourage, teach, give hope, correct, preach, etc (Psalm 98:1-6, Ecc 7:5 [NKJV], Eph 5:19, Col 3:16, Col 4:6). It must not neccessarily be all preachy or have a “religious” approach all the time, but inspired by God, still carrying a positive message.

If I say “am not a gospel artist”, please don’t be shocked. Sincerely, I’ve been working on this article long before Lecrae announced the release of his mixtape, “Church Clothes”. So don’t think am trying to take sides with him because am his biggest fan, NO! But am happy he poured out what’s been on my mind on his mixtape though. Big ups to Lecrae by the way. (*smiles*). In music today, one is known for always singing about money, yet we don’t call him/her a money artist. Another always sings about sex, yet we don’t call him/her a sex artist. You hear a rap artist always rapping about his “bling bling” and he is known as a rap artist, not a”bling bling” rap artist. But when one sings about the gospel, he/she is called a gospel artist? Same with sports. A lot of devoted Christians are into sports, yet we don’t hear of a Christian athlete, or Christian basketball player, or Christian soccer player, etc. Back to music, I believe every artist has something to say. They talk about what they believe and live by on their songs, including Christians. So I don’t think the whole “gospel” or “secular” tagging makes any sense, but we can differentiate the REAL ARTIST from the CONFUSED ARTIST.

…to be continued.

About the author: Onyedika Nwoji (better known as DIKKY) is a Nigerian hip hop artist, music producer, songwriter who is in his very early 20’s. He’s also a co-founder/member of a hip hop movement by the name, CIA (Christ I Abide). He loves Jesus both by proffession and expression.


  1. That has been my claims ever, even b4 i read ur article, talking about tags like ‘Gospel music industry or secular music industry’ . All we have is music industry…. So let the REAL PEOPLE STAND UP. I like ur write up

  2. Great Write-up!!!! The young bringing light to the young. I believe this is why it feels like there are no real people, cos so many are confused. Thanks Dikky and quite a great platform you are offering;Yada.

  3. Yeah, bro. This is pure truth. Religious folk will say,”he don backslide.” Still stand on the truth and live it. It’s time for God’s vessels to go into the world and take over industries including music. Every christian artiste should, henceforth, refuse to be stereotyped. Don’t let the world box you into a genre when you can rep God on a broader platform. Jesus is Lord. God bless.

  4. Great article. I think christian music artistes shld study the lives of the great composers of the 19th century. Most of them were devoted christians but their music was widely accepted for it’s quality, yet they portrayed godly values. I love music, and it doesn’t matter to me who the artist is, but the message he is portraying. Good beats, positive lyrics, and you got me digging it *grins*

  5. Great write up bro! Hw will ‘ey knw if no one tells ’em…No box iz fit to fit us in…hehe…we sound d way we do coz d truth doesnt and will neva change! They cnt shut us down! PerioD!

  6. Great article! The Spirit is one. So far So good, the best way to reach unbelievers right now is not thru d contempoary usual worship… Worship is for God. If we are gonna do this together, then explorin other genres in music will really save lives! Lets keep this REAL…

  7. Real talk bro. Big ups for this spirit-breathed article. Seems there is this new wave sweeping the ‘Gospel Artist’ mentality off the church folks of recent. This is really brain-washing. It doesn’t change the fact that we are 116, we are not ashamed to say we are CHRISTIANS. We would proclaim it anywhere. Thanks a lot bro.

  8. Tanx a lot y’all. Am happy the Spirit is unanimous here. The final part, part 3, drops 2moro, 14-7-12, by 12 PM! Get ready!

  9. Am i d only 1 dat ds agree with ds post??? Wait wait waittt i gota kill ds thought, oopz i 4got i did kill it yearz ago… Hehehe oga Dikky, pharasees jst dy ‘far-dy-see’ u ur post fah…hahaha e b lik say na me n u dem go stone fah

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