From the age when I was old enough to understand Cinderella, I wanted my own prince charming. Probably like most little girls, I wrote my list, specifications I wanted from my prince charming but like some of those little girls as I grew up the list got lesser. Maybe because I got wiser and realized that if I wanted perfection I better be ready to clone him because a perfect man just does not exist. Or maybe because people started talking, calling me picky and choosy threatening I would end up alone or settling for less. Whatever the reason, my list was not as lengthy anymore. Now years of experience and examples (other people’s) have taught me that I should still have my list, my specifications definitely not as shallow (dark hair, long lashes blah blah blah) but still as precise.

I should make my list and maintain my list and maintaining my standard because in life, there should be things you just would not compromise for anything (hugely because they will affect no one but you…don’t get an excuse to be selfish). So yes I’ll keep my list and as time goes on I might add or subtract but the list remains. In that list, I will have dreams, things I will expect from him because I have been spoilt by those movies, stories of happy ending and prince charming. Ladies, I am no relationship guru but I know what I want and what I can accept. Curious about my list? Here are a few pointers:

  • Be God fearing: I will settle for no less than a godly man.
  • Talk to me about stuff that matters to you be it the littlest things, DO NOT let me find out from friends (yours or mine)
  • Apart from the regular calls and text, still be old fashioned enough to write letters
  • Never let a day go by without telling me how you feel, don’t assume I know
  • Find something in me to compliment regularly but do not flatter. Pass a sincere comment on how I look, what I wear, my smile, lashes, brows, walk, words etc
  • Be real. Hate it when I feel there is more to you than meets the eye and you are not just sharing…there is being mysterious and then there is just plain creepy.
  • Surprise me with gifts (you better get to know me for this because a bad gift can be disastrous), little things that cost more of love than money (though once in a while I won’t mind the expensive gifts *wink*)


  1. u go girl!!!!!!!!!!! i’m definiteli loving dis list. its realistic but we still get 2 stay on top of things not settling 4 anything less.

  2. i like
    My one and only criteria is to ‘be like Jesus’
    If you think it is so easy ‘go read your bible’
    To achieve this, you have to depend on the Holy Ghost
    and keep reading the word of God…
    day in, day out
    Let it be your food until it controls what you do.

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