So it’s Monday morning and I’m already done with university so I have nothing to do except work and pack. I’m going to Nigeria soon and I really need to start packing and shopping. My first purchase is a hat I got from H and M, I love hats now, they can really bring out an ensemble plus they protect from the hot Nigerian sun.  You can get a straw hat from any store really, if you want to protect yourself from the hot sun or just add an accessory you really wouldn’t add on a normal day, a straw hat is the way to go.



Its summer now so the sun is blazing, while I believe in ice cream, I also believe in cupcakes. Everyone should have a nice cupcake today. A white bag is also a must have. In my opinion, a white bag just looks great and when you buy one please pays attention to these tips:

  • It should be made with good material
  • The sewing on the bag should be very strong and not tacky looking
  • You should also make sure the metals (usually gold, silver or bronze) are strong; you wouldn’t want the bag falling apart because you put a few books in it.

All these criteria can usually be met if you just bought an expensive bag. It’s better to buy 1 good bag than several cheap ones, because the cheap ones which are poor quality can embarrass you when they fall apart in public. I assure you that the gold on a bad bag would fade very quickly, the straps would become weak and in extreme cases, the fake leather would start peeling. So invest in a good bag today.




A nice Ankara dress is also necessary. Check out this Kaleidoscope dress by Rouch. These dresses are easy to sew you just need to buy the material and take it to your tailor. These are a summer must!



I will be giving you more summer tips soon. For now, this is where my diary ends but I will leave you with my look of the day, a pair of black skinny jeans, a baby pink top, fuchsia pink sandals and dark sunglasses.


Have a great day


Morenike 🙂


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