The much anticipated video for Michelle’s new single, Say Yes is here and the fans are excited and loving it. The video  premiered on Good Morining America. you can check out what went down behind the scenes here

For now, this is the video. Enjoy it



  1. Will light and darkness come out of the same place? Should the same mouth that bless the Lord also curse? Maybe God’s glory prevail, and may all men receive his grace and be saved.

  2. Its sad to see angry people bring good things down. I am going to try to focus on the two comments on this article. i will try as much as possible to be objective.

    TOKE; When you say THERE IS NOTHING CHRISTIAN ABOUT THE SONG, i believe you had more hard hitting evidence than what you typed. I also hope that you will share it with us some time. In my opinion, I have watched the video about 6 times today. Lets look at “NOTHING CHRISTIAN”. The video features Mitchelle with a group of dancers waving flags, she is also dancing on the street and she also appeared in a Garden. Maybe these scenes where not ‘christian enough for us. the general idea or feel i got are people dancing obviously, to the song and we saw different shots of Mitchelle rendering her message. I know a Sammy okposo song that had that same feel. ‘NA WETIN I GO GIVE YOU BACK EH. I GO PRAISE AM WELLU WELLU” i remember seeing him dance on green grass and he was at a pier. Maybe his video too was not “CHRISTIAN ENOUGH”. we would like you to clarify though.

    You spoke about dressing. Mitchell wore an African inspired top, and jeans. Then she wore a gown during the garden scenes. Beyonce wore a white gown with a gold neck piece. She had shorts on but it took me a while to notice. Kelly wore a top and a skirt. At the end of the video they wore black tops, boots and shorts. How is this a bad thing? If they wore hijabs, would you have felt better. I still want you to break it down for us

    TOONNA: Wonderful scripture. but you should know that WE HAVE ALL FALLEN SHORT. I am guessing your reference to light and darkness means Beyonce sings circular therefore she is darkness aka Mrs sinner. So now we have become voltrons for God that we determine who should praise him and who should not. Guess what. i bet that you fell short this morning and even when you did, you praised him. Should we categorise you in the league of DARKNESS as well?

    I could go on but i know that GOD loves his children and he enjoys the praises that comes from them. If we took a second to stop judging others, i bet you the world will be a better place.

    I was totally blessed by the song and the video. i guess the saying DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS applies here as well. God bless you both as you continue to work in the vineyard of christ.

    James Omokwe aka J-lyricist

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