” …I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed…” Dr Martin Luther King JR.

IBK is back with the music video for his song I Have a Dream. You might have heard the song from our first compliation album (download here). The video was directed by BRAIN NU KID

I HAVE A DREAM is a record by IBKspaceshipboi inspired by the story of Joseph in the Old Testament of the bible and Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

“The video you are about to see has a simple message which is (do not let anyone, circumstance or thing deter you from fulfilling your mission on earth) and the only way you can discover your purpose here on earth is in God. we hope this piece inspires you to dream and be a change agent paving the way to success for our great nation Nigeria and the world at large.” IBK

Few symbolic things you should know in the video

1. The mother ship represents GOD ALMIGHTY
2. The minions represent what ever it is that is acting as a negative force trying to stop you from fulfilling  your dreams
3. Spaceshipboi is you

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