Everytime eMJOY drops a new track, he does that sounding better than he did the last time. Today we at Yada are proud to premiere his new track called “I Just Wanna (Deep in Love). The song is off his upcoming mixtape: ‘YesGod Music Via the eMJOY Channel’ (YMG-VTECH) tentaively set to be released for free download by October 28, 2011.

This song has that House genre sound to it laced with quick Hip-Hop rap verses full of fun and metaphors, plus a scintillating chorus, performed by the undeniably talented Ms. Shay (Toronto, Ca.). “I Just Wanna” simply expresses an underlying desire of the performer to exalt his God in all that they do. He (eMJOY) wrote this song trying to lay bare before His Lord God, in the hearing of listeners, what his utmost intents were in making melody. You can listen and download the song here
You can like his on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theemjoychannel

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