I took an Impromptu trip to one of branches of the newest Cinema Company in Nigeria recently to check out what competition they had to offer and watch the Hobbit on the side, I’ll let you guys in on details about the Cinema later because I  need to give you your weekly review!

The Hobbit is in the genre of Epic movies you get lost in when you go into the cinemas. A movie you do not expect any form of reality from, but a lot of fantastic, magical elements of a new world altogether.

I will admit to you now that after the movie was released, I allowed myself to be dissuaded a little by some chatter I heard about it lacking the epic nature of the Lord of The Rings, but now after watching this movie I ask those who spoke what more they wanted.

Yes, the Lord of the Rings trilogy had more drama etc but you have to put into consideration the fact that the Hobbit is a single book being adapted into three films whereas each of the LOTR movies was a book on its own. This would contribute to those ones having more substance and story than this, but even with all of that, I still believe The Hobbit did just as well.



If I say I wasn’t excited to be back in middle earth, I would be lying. This is only my second 3D experience at the cinemas (I’m not the biggest fan of 3D) and it was essentially a lot better than the first not because of the 3D technology but because the plot and production of this movie are really excellent. Obviously Tolkein wrote a great fantasy book so the only way the plot would have been nonsense was if Peter Jackson & co murdered it, but the production team did a good job adapting the book and bringing it to life.



Young Bilbo Baggins played by Bilbo Baggins

This character is the epitome of the average human being. You strive to get something set up for yourself, fall into a routine and find solace in being comfortable; and just like we are, he was so averse to change, he fought it strongly (he’s first encounter with the dwarves is very hilarious, even more so his first encounter with Gandalf).

Every once in a while though, just like Bilbo we take that leap of faith and jump into an adventure that takes on a path of discovery, experience and character building and we realise that we are more than we thought we truly were. We surprise ourselves and do things we never thought possible, all we need is sometimes a little shove in the right direction. (I know I constantly like to be shoved into adventures by the Holy Spirit).


Gandalf the grey played by Sir Ian Mckellen

Sir Ian is one of my most respected actors ever and most people would agree with me that he’s got a lot of wisdom and experience in his portrayals on-screen.

It’s quite amazing to watch a now older Sir Ian play a younger version of Gandalf than he did in the LOTR and still play it so well. He’s got less power now and as I was watching I could not help but smile like someone who was watching homemade videos of an earlier life of someone I knew more about now.

Gandalf is still as witty and conniving as ever though and I’m glad Sir Ian is reprising the role.


Thorin Oakenshield played by Richard Armitage:

Is it just me or do you agree from the stories told, that out of all the dwarf royals, this guy seemed like he was the only sensible one.

He is truly a man on a mission too but you can see that hurt, betrayal, anger and hate are a strong driving force for him. I do understand him trying to get his home back but as someone beside me in the cinema observed, he was too harsh in his treating of others at times (especially Bilbo).

Imagine if he had succeeded in annoying Bilbo enough for him to turn back. He probably would be dead by the end of part 1 except it’s a movie so the producers decide what happens.

If you did not know this also, this guy is a big guy so special effects had to make him look like a dwarf.


The Dwarves

Anytime I watch a movie with dwarves, I tend to see them all as one which is quite funny. Somewhere in my mind I probably have an idea that they are an epitome of togetherness. I was really taken by this group and as someone pointed out, they truly are a delightful company of fellows.

The actors are not truly that small so they also had to have special effects done to make them look the way they did.

I find myself rooting for them so strongly and I hope the rest of Middle Earth stands up to help them.


Other Cast

Some of our familiar faces are back and it’s nice to see them, I’m looking forward to seeing others like Legolas in subsequent movies too as one of my favourite moments in the film was Bilbo’s encounter with Gollum.

Kudos to Mr Jackson for putting all of this together, The Orc king was alright, the necromancer still somewhat of a mystery for those who are not familiar with the story (so I will not reveal his identity), and the scene with the goblins was a standout one in the movie.

I realise most people did not know this was a trilogy too so I restate it look forward to part two and three in 2013 and 2014 respectively and if you haven’t seen part one, then rush to the cinemas. It may be one of your favourites for the year.

Have a great day and let your mind out in the comments.


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