Here are some quick facts about Skyfall and James Bond in general before I get into my review:

  • It’s the twenty third James Bond film.
  • It is Daniel Craig’s third film as James Bond.
  • It is Judi Dench’s seventh and last portrayal as M.
  • It’s been 50 years since the first James Bond film in this particular series which was Dr. No.
  • Sean Connery played Bond in Dr. No.
  • The series is based on the twelve novels and two short collections by British author, Sir Ian Fleming.
  • Other authors have written authorised bond books since Ian Fleming’s death and one is expected in 2013.
  • The franchise is the longest continually running film franchise.
  • It is also the second highest grossing film franchise behind Harry Potter.
  • The first time Bond was portrayed on camera was in the 1954 one hour TV adaptation of Casino Royale with Barry Nelson playing James Bond!
  • So far since first release two weeks ago, Skyfall has grossed $287,000,000 without it premiering in the US. I expect that number to increase well over the next week!

Back to the review, I’m going to give a little story about my experience watching Skyfall.

Some of you may have noticed I got a free ticket to watch the premier from my TL last Thursday but unfortunately I was in work meetings and didn’t get done till the film was way in progress. Anyway I decided to still go watch the movie on my own dime just to relax for a bit and then return to work.

Upon getting to the movies, the premier was still on so I decided to find out if they started as scheduled. The response I got, ‘yes but you can still go in’. I decided against just watching the movie but I want to note that everyone who went in to watch the movies got a bottle of Heineken and another one in a package as they left. I found this hilarious and even though I have my reservations about that I know some folks really liked that bit.

Onto the movie……



It’s a James Bond flick so as expected there’s a decent plot and very good production but may I say this now, trailers LIE! Even though the production was really good, trailers have a way of always making the movie more than it actually is; so I urge don’t go with the expectations from the trailer but know that the plot and production were genuinely solid



James Bond, Agent 007 played by Daniel Craig

I must admit I wasn’t such a big fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond in the beginning because I thought he was more of an ‘agbero’ than any other James Bond I had watched. He just seemed too brutish but I guess he’s rubbed off on us since Casino Royale and we now look forward to his initial crazy chases and stunts that occur almost immediately the movie starts.

I must admit also that with Skyfall I believe Daniel Craig has broken the stereotype bond character and given him more life, more emotions, and almost less play-boyishness.


Raoul Silva played by Javier Bardem

It is almost as if every action flick these days is trying to outdo the other when it comes to the weirdness of the antagonist in their films. I laughed for a minute when it seemed like this dude was coming on to James Bond; I just could not believe what I was seeing. It’s almost impossible to watch a movie these days without some reference to homosexuality and I cannot imagine why! This guy was entirely driven by revenge against one individual (mummy as he kept calling her) and I imagine he was happy with the way the film ended *wink*

Javier did undergo some major make over for this role up to the point that a couple beside me were arguing if it was him or not.


M played by Judi Dench

Can I just say this woman would have been a mean no nonsense mother if she had any kids (and I mean the character not Judi herself). She did her job expecting any outcome and wasn’t one to waste time regretting or giving in to self pity. I guess it made the weight of the job easier for her but in my opinion she could have had a little bit of heart.


Gareth Mallory played by Ralph Fiennes

No matter where I see Ralph, the first picture that comes to my head is Lord Voldemort and I laugh because I’m sure a lot of people may not realise he was the one who played the role. Here he’s a bureaucrat but has a good balance between his role and the role of MI6 so he can make better judgement calls than his colleagues. They really didn’t realise their good fortune in getting him except maybe Eve Moneypenny. Ralph is going to take over as boss in the next few movies so I’m hoping we get to see an evolution of his character.


Other Cast

I believe the rest of the cast was good too; they weren’t given too much with some more than others so that the story could really evolve round the main three characters. Of notable mention are: Naomi Harris as Eve Moneypenny, Berenice Lim Marlohe as Severine, Ola Rapace as Patrice, Ben Whishaw as Q, Albert Finney as Kincade and Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner, MI6 Chief of Staff.

Skyfall was a good watch and I may want to watch the movie again (that’s highly unlikely though as I haven’t even succeeded in watching Avengers a second time) since these folks in the cinema business have decided not to give us new films!

Any way have you seen it yet? Did you enjoy it? Are you planning on seeing it soon? Let’s know in the comments!

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