Quick question: Have you ever longed for something so bad, done so much to get it, missed out on a lot of other things because of it and at the end of it all, lost interest at just about the time you get it? Or maybe you find out it just wasn’t worth all the heart you put into it?

I ask this for a simple reason, I see a lot of people chasing a lot of things that birth the idea in their mind that once they get it, all will be well; this makes them go through life moving from one idea of what this thing is to another. Do you think it ever works?

Well let me get into the review:


Okay, it’s an animated film so I expected a lot of crazy stuff but seriously how did they suddenly get from Africa to Monte Carlo, it’s not like its Lagos to Ibadan #Justsaying. These movie makers are really getting lazy, cutting corners and playing on our intelligence but I’ll give them kudos for keeping the plot & production fresh, lively, bright & funny. It was a really great one to watch.


Alex the Lion voiced by Ben Stiller

Great example of my introductory analogy, Alex is trying to do all he can to get home because in his mind, there’s this ideology that once he gets there everything will be perfect just the way it should be. It’s quite a paradox to see the driving force/motivation for him become a limitation/source of dissatisfaction at the end of the day.

If you find yourself in such a situation, take a moment to realize this:

‘If you are not happy where you are, if you cannot have joy where you are, it will be difficult to get it in that place you think it resides. Joy is a function of you, your heart, and your mind, not anything external.’

Marty the Zebra voiced by Chris Rock

Now this is my guy. The funniest of the bunch (not counting the penguins), he was almost oblivious to all the mess & carried this air of Joy through the thick & thin. I know a bit was just plain silliness but one could learn a thing or two about holding onto joy from within regardless of what’s going on without.

Melman & Gloria voiced by David Schwimmer and Jada Pinkett Smith respectively

These two are just adorable and could show folks who think that differences are a bane in a relationship that those assumed differences could actually be the blessing that provides sustainability in such a relationship.

They acted as support for one another through it all and I was inspired.

The Penguins headed by Skipper voiced by Tom McGrath

This group are as expected the mastermind behind most of the mischievous happenings in this movie as they have been in all the others in the Madagascar series; to be honest there really would be no story without them. I enjoyed their goofiness, resourcefulness and their spirit tackling inspector what’s her face.

King Julian XIII voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen

This guy is just as weird as the actor that voices him and that’s where I’ll end it.

Vitaly voiced by Bryan Cranston

Vitaly finds himself in a situation where he can’t seem to get out of the rut of a particular situation. The worst thing about it was that the effect of this on him had heart, spirit and effectiveness of the team he was leading.

There’s usually an underlying circumstance that causes people to behave in all manner of negative ways, but this is because they allow that circumstance determine what happens in the world around them instead of facing it head-on. It’s really bad because most of the behaviour will affect those in your sphere of influence but I’m glad he was able to face the problem, so if you find yourself in such a situation just face it; No matter how hard it seems.

Captain Chantel DuBois voiced by Frances McDormand

Let me start by saying this, ‘when it comes to dedicated and hard working women, you may not find one better than this woman’, but the thing about being so good at a job like hers is that she took on traits of the animals she was hunting and just became the worst animal of them all. It was so funny watching her mannerisms and the heart behind why she did what she did plus all that hard work yield nothing for her; just goes to show it takes more than that. The penguins almost met their match in her though ‘LOL’.

Supporting Cast

This was a well rounded supporting cast; I’m very sure for everyone who watched there were at least two characters they could attribute as the reason why they enjoyed the whole film if not more. The film never felt like it was being shouldered by just a few. Of notable mention are Gia the jaguar voiced by Jessica Chastain, Stefano the sea lion voiced by Martin Short, Sonya the bear played by Frank Welker and The Andalusian triplets (the three horses in the circus) voiced by Paz Vega,

I totally enjoyed watching Madagascar and I’m sure that would be an easy statement for almost anyone to say so if you haven’t seen the movie please do ASAP and if you have let’s know what you think in the comments!

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