If you do the wrong thing long enough it starts to seem right to you but it still does not make it right!

No matter how conformed the world is to a situation, or accepts it as normal, the truth of the matter is that if it’s wrong, it’s wrong!

It’s quite unfortunate that even as I write this, there seems to be no indication that the movie Looper will be shown in the cinemas. So I guess anyone who is interested in watching it will have to source for it on their own like I did.

Anyway, I’m usually on the lookout for movies that bring something new to the table and make me wonder just where they are taking me so when I heard Looper was 2012’s Inception, I became very curious to find out if that was true.

I would rather not tell you if it is this year’s inception, if you want to make that decision, then please watch the movie; all I’m going to say is that the movie was something different and had time travel.



When it comes to stories such as this, I totally enjoy the stories but as my mind is a very critical one I usually observe for all available loop holes (which I’ll totally keep to myselfJ) that sometimes sully the film for me. This did happen here just as it did for Source Code, Inception etc but overall it didn’t take too much from my enjoying the film. I was at least grateful to be watching some bit of creative writing.

The general acceptance of the eventual scenarios of their lives amongst the loopers was something I just could not bring myself to understand; but come to think of it, they were doing illegal business anyway and had so figuratively entered a deal with the devil.

The production was also quite good but the question I have a lot of times for movies that depict the future is why do they tend to look like movies from the 80s or early 90s? If you can invent time travel no matter how primitive, then the world around should at least look a little bit more modern than what we have today apparently the movie was depicting a collapsed US economy.



Joe Simmons played by Joseph Gordon Levitt

This character was the perfect embodiment of youthful exuberance and short sighted thinking. I could not for the life of me understand why he was so keen on just killing his older self and getting on with it!

  • How can one just want to get rid of someone who has seen their future LITERALLY!
  • Did he really think his choices through? Why was he really trying to stop ‘himself’?
  • What was really his motivation before he met Sara and Cid?

At the end of the day, we don’t know if his actions do solve the problem; it’s all assumptions!


Joe Simmons from the future played by Bruce Willis

I understand this character being upset about what happened when they came to capture him and his trying to prevent that future from repeating itself but as far I’m concerned, he’s still entirely short sighted. He knew he was one day going to be sent back to be killed and the best plan he could come up with was ‘destroy the rainmaker’.

It shows how much they had become conformed to the wrongness of the whole world situation.

I am seriously holding myself trying not to go into an epistle of loop holes that could diminish this whole story because the movie was truly nice *whew*.


Sara Rollings played by Emily Blunt

A woman trying to make right past wrongs and doing an OK job if I might add, Sara is suddenly thrust into treacherous circumstances trying to protect her son from the two Joes.

Good portrayal by Ms Blunt who I can see making herself a household name these days.


Kid Blue played by Noah Segan

I was really taken by this character because during my interactions with young children today, I find that a lot of them find themselves in situations where they are trying to impress a certain figure in their lives, be it a ‘friend’, teacher, or older authoritative figure. This is a very dangerous place to find oneself as seen here; the decisions made by this dude were so drastic at times it was obvious He did not have an independent personality or mindset to hold on to except what other people thought about him.

If you see yourself as Kid Blue, I urge you to distance yourself from that environment where you constantly have to impress others and get into building a strong personality from the word of God before you find yourself making decisions you end up regretting.


Other Cast

I was really impressed by the character of Cid, Sara’s son. It is not hard to believe that the intelligent young man eventually became the rainmaker in the future. Other notable mentions are Abe played by Jeff Daniels, Suzie who almost lost her own son too played by Piper Perabo and Seth Richards, Joe’s only friend played by Paul Dano.


Looper is a great watch if you don’t over analyse everything and just enjoy the film, if you are looking for something different, watch it, if you like Joseph Gordon Levitt watch it (may I add he was also in inception), if you don’t know what you want to watch next, Watch it!

For those of you who have watched it tell us, what did you think?

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