All through my viewing of this movie, the following phrase kept ringing in my head:

‘The devil dangles happiness in front of you while stealing your joy’

I kept rolling this around with the subject matter of the movie & I hope by the end of your reading a light-bulb of revelation comes on in your head.

You should note however that the movie does not depict the phrase in the exact manner, I don’t think it could anyway.

The Lorax movie depicts something people see, hear and practice a lot in today’s age, ‘selfishness & greed’, in a neatly told  story that was quite enjoyable to watch.

Was there anything wrong in Thneedville you may ask? Well at first it didn’t seem so, everything looked perfect! Infact I’m sure some folks were already thinking it would be such a great place to reside.

But going on, we are exposed to some underlying events and privileged information as one watching from without which the people living there were not privy to.

In life today, people are on a quest to ‘be happy & make it in life’. What exactly that means differs across people, but an underlying theme is living a good & comfortable life while amassing wealth. It is drastic in some cases, while subtle in some.

Where a believer may miss it is if he does not realise the Blessings he already has by being a Christian & that his walk in life & with the Spirit is just a journey of making those Blessings manifest. This revelation & the relationship one has with God brings Joy to the soul, which I can tell you any day is far greater than happiness.

Why? Because happiness has to be supplied from outside so you have to always try to refuel, but Joy comes from within & is like a never ending well!

Oh! The devil knows this too, so he confuses people by dangling all forms of happiness in front of them, especially things that will make people think they are ‘comfortable & making it in life’, he then sucks away the Joy they would have got from being rooted in God.



Plot was really good. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know how well it was adapted but this was a good story with some good teachings, one thing to also note here is: the danger of comfortability is that it makes people very averse to change, as seen in the last few scenes of the film. Production was real nice, portraying colourful & dreary just right.

Rating: 4.5/5.0



Ted Wiggins played by Zac Efron

I can attribute the role of Ted to that of an un-believer living life the way he knows how until one day encountering the Gospel.

Looking at the sequence, he heard there were trees & could have gone either of three ways:

a. Be in denial like his mom

b. Accept & do nothing about it (that’s very easy), or

c. Accept & take on a responsibility to find out more.

One can either reject the Gospel flat out, accept the gospel & take it at face value or accept the Gospel & delve into a quest to knowing more.

Ted can give you more insight as to which is best.

Note that once more is revealed to you as you go on your quest, you definitely would want to share it with others, just ask Ted! Unless….

Rating: 4.2/5.0


Audrey played by Taylor Swift

If you don’t know the power of a woman, then I should tell you. God created woman to be a help meet to man and Audrey was just that to Ted.

Without Audrey, Ted would not have embarked on the journey that ended up changing his life & the lives of all those around him.

Its amazing the things he did to prove to her that he loved her, but in doing them, he learnt so much about himself & life as a whole. He stepped out of being a kid, to being a man with a vision & a mission.

The only issue I had with the character was that they portrayed her as one who was a great dreamer (this is a good thing) but she was too much of a damsel who dreamed and didn’t take any steps to pursue the dreams.

Taylor plays the role quite well which was a surprise to me; I guess the fact that she didn’t have to worry about bodily interpretations as much as voice must have helped.

Rating: 3.8/5.0


The Lorax played by Danny Devito

The character of the Lorax was portrayed to play  what some may call the conscience, intuition, or moral compass. He’s leading was so wonderful, appearing first to redeem the Once-ler from the error he had made by cutting the tree & giving him the right way to go about it.

A lot of times in life, people who do the right thing are looked down on & seen as stupid as was the case with the Once-ler. He was mocked for not understanding that ‘he could make more faster by felling the trees’ so he gave in first to pressure & after as is the case most times greed.

All through this, the Lorax who was supposed to be a powerful being did one thing that stuck out greatly to me; he presented the right ways & leading and gave the Once-ler the opportunity to decide his actions.

We always have a choice in life. Remember, ‘I place before you life and death, choose life’. We are always given choices and the Spirit of God leads us to the right ones but we still have to decide and choose ourselves.

Rating: 3.7/5.0


The Once-ler played by Ed helms

I want to tell you one thing that struck out significantly to me about this guy; the fact that he wouldn’t just tell the story once and for all but made Ted come back multiple times.

This was exactly the way I got the interpretation of that: In the journey of knowing the Truth, one has to continually have fellowship and get more revelation. One cannot just go once and expect to know all, there has to be revelation in bits, assimilation of what has been revealed, then further revelation; it is this way that one can proper understand the Truth.

I’m sure I’ve said so many things about this character already so I’m just going to say this:

‘Do not be like him who had to go through all he went through before he chose right; you have the capacity to decide to choose life without struggle; you do not have to learn from mistakes, you can let the Spirit of God lead your every step into a very fulfilling life.

Rating: 3.8/5.0

Other Cast:

Notable mention are Aloysius O’Hare mayor of Thneedville played by Rob Riggle and lovable, adorable Grammy Norma played by Betty White.

Rating: 3.4/5.0

Final Rating: 3.8/5.0


  1. This was a great read. Though one expects moral lessons from Dr. Seuss, this was more enlightening than what i would just have got on my own. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  2. I’m so glad I ran across your review! I watched this last night at my Labor Day barbecue with some of my co-workers from Dish, and other friends and family. Not one of us thought as deeply as you did and interpreted the moral of the story beyond a simple green moral. I originally added The Lorax to my Blockbuster @Home queue because I remember loving the book when I was a kid. Since I don’t have to worry about late fees, I’m never in a rush to watch any of my rentals, so in this case, my niece noticed the movie sitting by my TV and begged to watch it. She’s learning about corporate citizenship so she was immediately captivated by this movie. I can’t wait to share with my sister your insight; I think she would want her daughter to learn this moral more so than the corporate one that she’s learned in school.

    1. It gives me great pleasure to share them. There’s more though both on this site and at
      You can check them out and let your mind feast on them.
      Thanks for the great feedback and I’m sure your sister would love to read some too.

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