The Best Man Holiday is a 2013 African American Christmas comedy-drama directed by Malcom Dee Lee. The movie is a follow up to 1999’s The Best Man and stars Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long , Harrold Perrineau, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall who reprise their roles from the first instalment.

It’s not news to hear about sequels this days but I was taken by surprise when I heard they were going to release another Best Man movie 14 years after the first one. I mean c’mon, a child born when the first one was released is almost done with secondary school now! Why would they decide to make another one now?


Whatever their reasons, I’m glad they decided to produce another one. The Best Man Holiday may have bordered a lot on stereotypical black film themes and may not have delivered much originality with the plot but it delivered a genuinely superb follow-up to the first part and a solid outing from all the actors and supporting cast.


Kudos to Malcolm D. Lee for successfully intertwining the plot with the first part to make the audience believe this could actually have happened to the characters involved in the story. The script had just the right amount of wit, portrayed enough emotions but as usual was filled with enough cussing. It still pisses me off when I hear a lot of cussing in movies (I know a lot of folks are used to it now but I choose not to get used to it!). Forgetting all the cussing however, the story was beautifully told and moved me to tears at a point…..

The Best Man Holiday movie scene


It’s an African American comedy drama, so don’t expect some elves gliding and prancing around or over the top costume/make up. What the production delivers is a believable output and one that pours out the holiday spirit that is flowing around right about now.


These are not new characters. If you have seen ‘The Best Man’, you would be familiar with every one of the lead characters. However, the changes that have occurred with every one of them is the exciting bit to observe as a lot has happened in the past 14 years. I’m not going to lie, even though I wanted certain characters to be the ones who enjoyed certain paths, I realized that the way it played out was just perfect. It felt more real and gave us an opportunity to watch them evolve and play out the script.

Best Man Holiday guys

I believe the characters sold the film a lot because I could actually see some people I know in some of them. I have a feeling that people in their mid twenties to late thirties will testify with me to that.


Good score with two musical scenes in the film. One of the scenes will definitely make the ladies swoon and the other will remind you just how amazing ‘O Holy Night’ is as a Christmas song.


The Best Man Holiday is what we would call a befitting sequel and our recommended movie of the week but we have to warn you, if you are an emotional person, keep your tissue box close-by.

Rating: 8.0

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